The carrot pants

“Life in the 90’s is paranoid…” Tonight I’m attending a 90’s night at the Club Vintage and thought of dressing accordingly but with a modern twist, of course. Last time I went all out with the 90’s theme, some people thought I was serious – where is you sense of humor, folks? This time I am actually semi-serious because these stone washed carrot pants I scored for one Euro, are indeed really cool and will totally be a part of my relaxed look in the summer. They hide my feminine curves so perfectly, in a similar way that the so called “boyfriend jeans” do the trick. Oh so 90’s, yet so…today!

Jeans: Second hand
Tank top: Vailent
Sandals: Bronx
Backpack: Second hand
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs
via eBay

Walking on the spider webs

Oh man, last night was so much fun! Club Hang the DJ was packed with stylish indie people, a good Swedish band MFMB‘s performance knocked everyones socks off, and the DJ’s played such tunes all night long that you couldn’t even leave the dancefloor for one minute. I’m glad I was wearing my combat boots, otherwise my feet would have been dead from all the dancing we did.

Evening’s outfit was inspired by 90’s, think Beverly Hills 90201, My So Called Life or Reality Bites (got to watch those again btw!) style. I’ve been waiting to introduce this radest net sweater I found from my recent second hand shopping spree. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages and when my eyes targeted to this beauty, let me tell you, it was love at first sight.

Sweater: Second hand
Tank top: Selected Femme
Skirt: Monki
Combat boots: Kenkärepo
Hat: Uniformal Warehouse via eBay
Ring: Kalevala Koru
Backpack: Second hand
Stylish guests: Veera, Marko and my boyfriend (thanks guys!)

P.S. The blog has a new banner! After reading a great post from Park and Cube blog, it was time for a change. Any blogger who is interested in making the blog more attractive to the readers (and who isn’t?), you should really read and learn what Shini has to say about the importance of layout. It turned my world and blog around.

Inspired by Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is one of those designers with a signature look: not often you can see anything but black and white in her collections and the silhouette stays the same throughout the years. Consistency is what she has been able to create, leaving her audience with a feeling of familiarity and comfort. I, among many others, am a huge fan and always awaiting what new she can bring into the well balanced base of what seems to be “a horseback riding outfit with a twist”.

Intrigued by her latest and last year’s winter collection, the outfit of today got an Ann Demish touch to it. This grey vest has been getting a lot of wear lately, it’s something I picked up from the local second hand store during it’s discount days. Layered with the black H&M Trend blazer which I bought about three years ago from Sweden and never really wore until now, I’ve got the whole ensemble down with the white shirt, black pants and combat boots. Don’t you just love it when you can find your favorite designer’s look right from your own closet, without spending a penny!

Blazer: H&M Trend
Vest: Second hand
Button-up shirt: MTWTFSS
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Combat boots: Kenkärepo

Back to the backpack

Of what I’ve noticed, I’m not the only blogger who has lately been obsessed about the small backpacks. I used to be a huge fan of these guys in elementary school (I even made one by myself) and when the first signs of 90’s comeback came about two years ago, along with floral dresses and Doc Martens, I was so sure that soon it would be time to dig them out again. Unfortunately all the cool ones I used to wear back in the day are buried somewhere deep in my parent’s attic, so I had to wait until I found a decent second hand one. I got lucky about a week ago when this local second hand shop had its discount days and actually scored myself two small backpacks.

Shirt: Marlene Schön for Ellos
Skirt: Monki
Shoes: Fendi
Backpack: Second hand
Cuff: Leather Heaven
Ring: Kalevala Koru

This little fella has been with me at two clubs already but somehow I just forgot to shoot it with my outfits. It’s really versatile since you can wear it like this on one shoulder, or unzip the strap into two separate straps to wear it on both shoulders. Let me tell you, it’s so much easier to dance and walk with a backpack and it’s no wonder all those clubbers in the 90’s favored them. Today I wore mine just to run errands and paired it up with a skirt I purchased in Sweden but haven’t worn until now due to better weather conditions. Today it finally felt like spring is here!