I have this bad habit of leaving all my “in need of sewing” type of projects laying around the apartment for ages, until I actually manage to do something about them. Same story goes for this checkered skirt I bought from Ranna last winter, and I can’t belive why I’ve had this beauty hanging in my closet for this long, when all it needed was a little bit of taking in. The skirt gives a nice touch to simple outfits, creating an eye catching detail into the mix. A true new-found gem in the closet!

Yesterday this skirt came to it’s own at a friend’s housewarming party, where my boyfriend and I headed with the stylish Laura from Drop the Phone and her boyfriend. I love meeting couples who share the same exact interests as my boyfriend and I; while Laura and I talked all night about blogging and what not, the boys found a common ground with music and fashion. How convenient!

T-shirt: Martin Margiela
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: Vintage
Bag & bracelet: Lindex
Ring: Kalevala Koru

P.S. I try to update as often as I can but I have such a busy month ahead of me, that regular blogging might be a bit difficult during the next weeks. Next weekend there is an electronic music festival, the week after that my Barbie themed b-day party, then another music festival and then there is the Halloween party we are organizing (for the latter I’ve ordered supplies all the way from the U.S.). So, hang tight!

Dark tones

Having a few weeks off of blogging due to a horrendous cold, has been kind of a booster for me to get this blog back on the road again. I’ve actually started a photography course in order to provide you with better outfit shots, and have plans of paying the damn upgrade fee of Imageshack, so the pictures will load a bit faster. The things I do for this blog and for you guys…It’s all for the best, I’m sure.
This blackalicious (or business goth, as Ranna put it) outfit is from Saturday, when we celebrated my boyfriend’s b-day over some Mexican food and visited the Design on Tampere’s design market. In the evening there was an actual b-day party itself, but unfortunately it was too dark (and too much fun) to take any outfit pictures of my dress. A perfectly valid reason to wear the same outfit again sometime, haha.

Button-up shirt: Second hand
Drop-crotch pants: Vila
Leather jacket: JSFN
Wedge shoes: Vagabond
Belt: Second hand
Bracelets: Lindex
Ring: Kalevala Koru






My official photographer, a.k.a. boyfriend, has caught the spring flu from me, meaning photographing is now my and the Gorillapod’s responsibility for the next couple of days. Therefore the strange photos; although it was fun playing with the camera and the sunlight. Frankly, I haven’t worn anything really exciting since Saturday, just some clothes I’ve been able to grasp from my closet during the five minutes I have time each morning to get dressed for work. The red lace-ups have played a major role in my outfits lately and let me tell you, they are really growing on me by every footstep. I’ve also worn the same hairdo since Saturday but tonight these crazy curls will be washed away because I started to feel like some weird hybrid between Jayne Eyre and the characters from Edgar Allan Poe’s work. Then again, that sounds like a pretty cool combination, eh?

Sweater: H&M
T-shirt: MTWTFSS
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Global Essentials
Necklace: Second hand

It was a Saturday night, I guess it makes it all right

I’m coughing like a madman and my voice is rather raspy but I’ve convinced myself that it just adds a sexy note to my presence. Nothing’s gonna stop me from having a good night tonight, dancing the night away and seeing some good friends. Whom, by the way, should arrive any minute now.
The outfit for the night is somewhat inspired by 80’s (theme for the club tonight)  as well, as I’m wearing a power suit-ish dress that I got in a dress swap from Ranna (she got my Rodebjer dress), vintage lace gloves and a my favorite hat.

Dress: Minimarket
Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: Bronx
Hat: Uniformal Warehouse via eBay
Ring: Stockmann