Writers block

It really seems like ages since I last posted, and as I logged on today, I noticed it’s been exactly a week. They say a blogger shouldn’t apologize to their readers for not updating but what about when you truly feel bad about neglecting the blog and your readers? Believe me, I really wanted to update so many times but this lack of daylight has been making it impossible to take decent pictures and my beloved photographer has been suffering from a cold for the past week. I must admit that this darkness has made me feel a bit under the weather, so writing in general has been hard for me. Damn this darkness!To bring you back to happier subjects, the new fall/winter stuff should come to our Etsy store any moment now. The studio photos are getting finalized and Ranna and I are hoping to open the store asap. So if you are quick enough, you might be able to get some filling to your Xmas stockings right in time.

Here are a few tastings of what’s coming up…Photos by Satu Kemppainen.

© Satu Kemppainen
Blue tunic: Tell Me A Story Vintage
Long cardigan: Tell Me A Story Vintage
Floral dress: Tell Me A Story Vintage
White dress: Tell Me A Story Vintage
Hat: Uniformal Warehouse
OTK boots: Bronx

P.S. I pinky promise to update tomorrow again as I finally will have some outfits to share!

Tell Me a Story Vintage is now on Etsy

We decided to move our business from eBay to Etsy due to the difficulties that eBay brings to a seller (slow listing, fees, competition etc.). The best part is that you don’t have to bid anymore, you just have to be fast! We are listing new items every week, so make sure to visit our store very often.

You can still find the latest news from our store’s blog and Myspace (though the latter is under construction at the moment).

Happy shopping at Etsy!

Get the denim skirt from here.

Tell Me a Story Vintage grand opening

Finally it’s here, the much talked about opening of the Tell Me a Story Vintage eBay vintage store. Some of you may have thought this was a case of “much ado about nothing” but no, it’s open now for sure. Ranna and I also opened up a blog and Myspace (please add us as your friend in Myspace) for the store where you can see the latest listings and more info about the bidding. We have tons of cute things in store, so don’t miss out: Bid now!

Banner: Made by me

Sneak peek of Tell Me A Story Vintage

Yesterday Ranna and I took some outift pictures for the much talked about vintage store we are starting up. The store is called Tell Me A Story Vintage and we will make a separate blog and Myspace to feature the upcoming listings and provide the latest news. Tell Me A Story will have clothes, accessories and some shoes.

Here are some teasers for you to enjoy…

Blazer, dresses and shirts: Tell Me A Story Vintage
Photographer: Ranna
Styling: Ranna & Anna-Maria
Models: Anna-Maria and Minna

The pictures were taken on my apartment’s backyard. Perhaps I should start using it as a shooting place more often, what do you think?

Today, being independence day in the States, I figured that the picture above would be a perfect outfit to fit for this occasion. Now I’m off to feast some American treats…

P.S. My new Canon PowerShot G9 is on its way from the States. Yay!