Pastel perfection

Many times you readers wonder why us bloggers show only our fellow bloggers in the pictures and never our “regular” friends. Well, the fact of the matter is that most of the time our friends are quite camera shy, and don’t want to be photographed to a public diary viewed by thousands of people every week. I totally understand and I respect their wish. Therefore, I was extremely happy when my friend Laura, who is by the way always impeccably dressed, agreed to be part of the Nikon’s “I AM” street style campaign and allowed me to take a picture of one of her amazing outfits. I’m jealous of her ability to match colors and make them look so desirable, even for a black lover like me.  I mean, just take a look.

If you like Laura’s outfit, you can vote for her look over here (sorry only in Finnish) and possibly win a Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Good luck!

And when the day come, it will all have been fun, we'll talk about it soon

Yesteday was an über busy day including a visit to Helsinki, and more specifically making a video interview with the aspiring fashion designer  Ewa Larsson (more about that later), crashing Star PR’s housewarming bash where the latest summer collections of Monki and Weekday were present, and finally attending the Marimekko autumn 2010 fashion show with a few of my blogger colleagues.

This whole week I’ve been fighting against an afwul spring flu to make yesterday happen, and of course today, regardless of the multiple vitamin overdozes, I’m a total bedpatient. Therefore I’ll let the pictures do the talking from now on and concentrate on getting better.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ewa & I

Ewa’s gorgeous designs

 Jenni aka “Miss never takes a bad picture”

Tiina & Stella

Aurora & I, “the maxi dress girls”

Jan & Stellagee, “the intellectuals”

Aurora, Johanna & Irene
Weekday’s spring looks quite promising…

My baby and his brand new Rick Owens heels

At the Marimekko show

Someone was rocking my next savings target: the Rick Owens turbo wedges

Miss J Alexander!

Velvet maxi dress: Impuls
Blazer: Zara
Top: Object
Wedge boots: Ann Deulemeester

Once more with a feeling

Someone was wondering why I didn’t get on Hel-Looks whilst in Flow, but actually my boyfriend and I both did. So, here is once more Saturday’s outfit, and of course my boyfriend’s, too. The whole story can be found from here. Thank you Liisa and Sampo!

Picture via Hel-Looks

P.S. I’ve been asked to do blog posts about stylish office wear, our apartment, my shoe collection, and my top 10 favorite songs/bands at the moment. I will try to get to those as soon as I can. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop a line or email me anytime.

Blog party

As important as a party itself, is what you wear to a party. Since I’m a panic dresser when it comes to important events, I usually start planning on the outfit of the evening weeks beforehand. When you’re on a minute schedule on the d-day, everything should be in order because there is no time for mistakes. With a great help from Shini of Park&Cube, I acquired this amazing Rick Owens-like dress from All Saints. The dress had been sold out from the All Saints webstore so I turned to Shini and she was so helpful to assist me in my mission and got it from the London store. Thank you Shini once more, you really saved me from a dress crisis!

Pictures by: Nelliina
Dress: All Saints
Combat boots: Kenkärepo
Tights: DIY
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs

The dress came in need, as a month of hard work and anticipation finally paid off last night, when I and about 30 other style bloggers met up in a blog party in my hometown Tampere. Nelliina and I had put this fun event together with an agenda including shopping tour in local boutiques, Finnish fashion designers presentation, a live band, fashion quiz, good food, DJ’s and great sponsors such as Nanso,, and John Freida. Even though there was a couple of draw backs on the way, we succeeded in making a great party – I think we should totally start a company organizing events like this!


Thanks everyone for sharing the pics!

The night was so much fun and full of great conversations; it was so nice to see the people behind the blogs you follow on a daily basis. We definitely need to have more of these meetings in the future!