Paris men’s fashion week: Damir Doma S/S 2011

The last but not least of the fashion shows during Paris men’s fashion week, was the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of Croatian born designer Damir Doma. The beautiful school courtyard where the show was held at, was buzzing with fashion elite and insiders. Attending a massive event like this was the best possible ending for this fashion week experience.

In this coherent collection, Damir Doma has traveled to the Orient with relaxed silhouettes, kaftans, keffiyefs, and fez hats. This style has been featured quite a few times on the runway but never did it catch my attention to this extent; The subtle looks and earthly colors create a peaceful atmosphere, one could even say it created a zen like state where in everything co-existed in both peace and harmony.

Pictures by: Anna-Maria

Paris men's fashion week: Julius S/S 2011

The second, and probably one of the most awaited fashion show for me in Paris, was  the Julius spring/summer 2011. For this show I had a seat, so my boyfriend was left alone in the camera section to take care of the footage, and with our mutual agreement, he made a video to better catch the atmosphere of the collection. Unfortunately, I had left the camera stand home, so the result is a bit shaky but let’s give my camera man a big  break since this was his first time using the video mode, and at the same time the video debuts as my first ever Youtube creation.

This collection did not make my heart skip as much as the Julius’ fall/winter 10/11, but there are definitely nice elements there. My favorite pieces of the collection have to be the jackets and the tank tops with straps, which I as a woman, would wear anytime. I adore the easiness of the silhouette and the use of red and burgundy color as accentuating points. As you can see, my hatred towards the color red has turned into a delicate passion, well that is, when it’s styled right. I have heard rumors that Julius is coming up with unisex collection in the future, which is great news for us female fans of the talented designer Tatsuro Horikawa.

Julius S/S11 collection

Video by Peter

Once again, I couldn’t resist of capturing some of the great styles outside of the Julius show.

The humble designer Tatsuro Horikawa is on the right (wearing a hat).

Dj Mike Nouveau from NYC.

In the middle Christian, creator of the great new site Fashionology featuring history of fashion, articles, discussions, and personal style galleries. Fashion Flux recommends.


Our roommate Arash.

More of the collection here and about the designer here.

Next up, coverage from the Viridi-anne installation, so swing by later!

Paris men’s fashion week: Juun.J S/S 2011

You know that it’s fashion week in Paris when despite the +30 Celsius heat, almost everyone is dressed in black. Buyers, journalists, and other fashionable folks are crowding outside the fashion shows, fanning themselves with the invitations whilst cameras are flashing as the street style photographers are on the hunt down for interesting looks.

When the doors finally open, the most important buyers get to go first, followed by the major  journalists and photographers, celebs and finally the rest. Usually the fashion shows start (fashionably) late, so until you hear the camera men screaming “let’s start the show”, everybody is still trying to figure out their seat and air kisses to their acquaintances.

All of a sudden the crowd calms down, music starts and the handsome models begin strutting down the catwalk. In about ten minutes the show is over, the designer has bowed to the audience, everyone rushes outside, and the camera rumba starts all over again. That’s  pretty much a fashion show in a nutshell for you guys.

My boyfriend Peter and I were able to attend a few shows, starting with the Korean designer Juun.J., who was showing his fourth summer collection in Paris. I personally liked the dressed-up desert look which also had a hint of Twin Peaks in the mix with the lumberjack coats, motorcycle jackets and trenches (though I’m not quite sure agent Cooper would approve of this). All and all it was a good first show and an excellent start for our busy Paris men’s fashion week experience. More  of the shows to come later!

My boys Arash and Peter outside of Juun.J.

Juun.J. Spring/Summer 2011
Street style in Paris men’s fashion week, June 2010

More images of the collection at Fashionisto.

Goodbye spring, welcome summer (part 1)

A party that had been carefully planned months ahead with the lovely ladies Stella and Hanna, finally paid off on Saturday as a very fashionable crowd gathered to the hair & beauty salon Dandy for great food, drinks, beauty treatments, music and other goodies. Even the sudden rain and thunder storm didn’t ruin our fun; it miraculously stopped right when it was time to move to the after party held at Rafla.

I want to thank the fellow organizers, fabulous guests and generous sponsors for a great night to remember! I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

Me (my outfit pictures to come in the second part).
Hanna, Veera, Tiina, Stella and Fanny
Essi & Laura
Stellagee, Tiina, Fanny & Eeva
Nina & Laura

Maria & her friend
Inke & Mikko
Sumi beautifying Essi.
Outi creating Outsapop trashion.
Veera & gTie‘s Jenni
Sugar Kane & Stellagee
Veera and her brand new pile of chains from gTie.

Sugar Kane in the process of getting the Patsy Stone hairdo.
DJ’s Tuomas & Peter
Tiina’s new pieces of gold by Youth vs. Future.
Veera getting her hair styled.
Fellow party organizers Hanna & Stella

Laura dancing to the summer tunes.

Pictures #1, #2 and #8 by Mikko Rasila
Picture #3 by Tuomas
Others by me

Read the second part of the story here.

Big thanks to the Dandy staff, Rafla,Weekday,  Laitila, Astiva, Kevin Murphy, Label.m, Warner Music, EMI, Inglot, Dermalogica, Lumi, gTie, Outsapop Trashion, Weleda, Olivia, Green & Blacks, OPI, Youth vs Future, Lustwear, Nokia Hai, Vagabond, Diesel, Friis&Co, Hunky Dory, Marja Kurki, Oopperan Optiikka, KM-Kello, Beauty Salon Sunrise, Arnold’s Donuts, and DJ’S Peter & Tuomas.