Wide legged

When I saw these wide legged pants on one sale assistant back in Finland couple of months ago, the thought of them never left my mind. A weird hybrid between the samurai Hakama pants and a Victorian era riding skirt, they could not scream my name more. I am planning on shortening the hem with just a few centimeters, because even with my 10cm heel wedge boots, they are a tad long. Other than that, they are probably the comfiest tailored pants I have ever owned.

Long sleeve: Julius
Wide legged pants: MTWTFSS
Wedge ankle boots: Rick Owens

Sunday, bloody Sunday

I’ve literally slept an unbelievably large amount of hours these past few days because Friday’s festivity took its toll on me quite heavily. I guess I’m getting old considering I had to pass on Saturday’s club, that’s how exhausted I was. So, I’ve been lounging all weekend in my aged pink PJ pants and a tank top, laying and eating in bed watching UK’s celebrity Big Brother from the computer. Oh man, what a high life I have, haha. Since you probably wouldn’t want to see my lounging around outfit and I don’t want to really share it either, here is me wearing my Diana Orving spring jacket couple of weeks ago. Finally it’s been warm enough to wear this fella without too much heavy layering needed underneath. I’ve learned that the jacket is such a everyday lifesaver; whenever I feel boring or ordinary, the jacket totally lightens up the outfit and saves my day. That’s how you know it’s a very successful purchase.

Jacket: Diana Orving
Shirt: Marimekko
Sweater: Cheap Monday
Skirt: Monki
Shoes: Bullboxer
Bag: Saddler
Ring scarf: MTWTFSS
Gloves: Vagabond

It’s just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday

Is it totally passé to get inspired by past collections? I just decided that I’m gonna make it a new trend, ha! The outfit of today got it’s inspiration source from last winter’s Marc Jacobs collection but somehow it got mixed with a 90’s grungey school girl look, go figure. This is what I wore to the office today and yes, with the combat boots included. I’m usually always late from anywhere I go, so when I run to the bus stop every morning to barely catch the bus, good, anti-slipping shoes are needed. I learned this last winter when I almost broke my arm whilst in the action.

Sweater: Peter Jensen
Button-up shirt: Nina Gold for Ellos
Skirt: Monki
Boots: Kenkärepo
Ring: Kalevala Koru

P.S. Today was very windy!

Back from Stockholm

Hi folks, I’m back from Stockholm! It was a great trip although the weather was not on our side and it kept raining for two days. Therefore there is no picture overload from the trip, sorry! Taking pictures when your hair looks like a wet rat is not providing the best material for the blog, say what you say.
I ended up making pretty good finds, although it was heart breaking to see almost everything I purchased last time with a -75% tag. I will introduce my findings in later posts but here is a sneak peek of my amazing new spring coat. If you are wondering why I look a bit coneish, it’s because my over 6 foot tall little brother took the picture on a slanted hill. Since it was his debut as a “blogographer” and he was kind enough to capture me for the sake of my blog, I will forgive him. 😉 Thanks baby bro for the picture, it turned out pretty good!

Jacket: Diana Orving
Sweater: Sunday Sun
Pleather pants: H&M
Bag: Saddler
Ring/collar s
Leather gloves: Vagabond
Platform booties: Bullboxer

Here are some random shots from the trendy Slussen area. It’s not hard to guess which is my favorite store and which is my boyfriend’s.

P.S. There are now 48 people (in public) following my blog through Blogger and this is my 98th post. When the public followers hit the 50 mark or I will have my 100th post, which ever happens first, I was thinking about doing a video post. That is if I don’t get chickened out by then. Anyway, something fun is coming up, so stay tuned…