Sound of silence

In very short time of its existence, this outfit has become one of my all time favorites: In fact, I’m so infatuated with it that I’ve worn it on several occasions already from going out to getting out of the country. Now it’s finally captured on camera, thanks to the special backyard studio which is providing a peaceful place to shoot pictures when the city above is in full motion. I really like how the strap of the cardigan blends perfectly with the straps of the trousers and then connects again to the strap on the top, creating holy trinity like combination. Almost divine, one could say.

Top: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Cardigan: Boris Bidjan Saberi
Trousers: Ann Demeulemeester
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester

True colors

As you might have noticed, my blogging has been on a little break; A lot of things are happening in my life which have kept me busy these past few weeks. Instead of capturing my own outfits on camera, I’ve been behind the lens following nature’s own costume play. The city looks so beautiful this time of the year, so when I finally get back on track with things here, I’ll have to step up my game to outshine something like this, that’s for sure.

At Darklands

I still haven’t fully recovered from the sleep deprivation caused by all the crazy partying I did in Berlin, but I’m slowly getting united with what was left behind on Thursday. Introducing here my new hooded Boris Bidjan Saberi cardigan which I, after taking a long view, acquired from my absolute favorite Berlin boutique, Darklands, on the day of our arrival. This pretty little number is made of bamboo and is so soft and comfortable that I spent the rest of my four day mini vacation literally living and almost sleeping in it. The only time I gave it a little rest was on Saturday, when the sun was beaming from a blue sky, making it too hot to even wear a shirt for that matter. So yes, our destiny is sealed, we are pretty much inseparable now and will stick together through thick and thin, until unraveling threads (I hope never) do us apart.

Hooded cardigan: Boris Bidjan Saberi
Tank top: Rick Owens
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Bag: Self-made
Rings: Kalevala Koru & custom made etc.