Flow 2010

Veni, vidi, vici. Recovering from a three day festival is like recovering from a massive hangover, requiring lots of sleep, plenty of water and some good ole junk food (too tired to cook after the hustle and bustle). Flow Festival in Helsinki was great and so was the company. Can’t believe I’m going through with this again in a few weeks, as we’re heading to the Berlin Festival in Germany. I’m quite excited though!

Flow 2010
I want to thank my girls, Essi, Laura, Ranna and Sophie for the great company (and all my other friends who are not meantioned or do not appear in the pictures, you are great too!), Indiedays for the tickets, for great musical enjoyment the XX, Beach House and the Radio Dept, Hannulelauri for the best dance party, and for pictures 1 & 2 my very own Peter.

P.S. Those of you who came here due to my little black  business card, your style pictures can be found from here.

Let me take you to the heart of the city, let me misunderstand you

This blog has been on a well deserved break while the blogger and her photographer have been on a hectic summer holiday, including guests from California and traveling to Finnish Lapland.

Returning to the everyday life isn’t easy, especially when work is calling on Monday and summer is soon coming to its end. Hence, what better way to cheer up the mood than sharing some more of the fashion week pictures containing very soigné men, taken on a crazy night in the heart of Paris. The most discerning viewers might spot some familiar faces too.

Outside of club Chacha during the Paris men’s fashion week S/S11

Goodbye spring, welcome summer (part 2)

To save you from a complete picture overload, I decided to save my outfit shots from Saturday’s party to a separate post. My ensemble consisted of pretty much of an Owens/Demeulemeester union,  more specifically of the Rick Owens maxi skirt that I bought awhile back but haven’t photographed until now,  a silk Ann Demeulemeester top from my Berlin trip, my precious Owens wedges and a zipper necklace from Ann Dem as well.  My hat is a fast purchase made on Saturday morning  and it’s from the H&M Fashion against AIDS collection. I had been eying on it ever since the campaign images hit my email box a few weeks ago, and in a way it kind of reminds me of this season which only, has a positive ending to the story.

Maxi skirt: Rick Owens Lilies
Silk top: Ann Demeulemeester
Wedge ankle boots: Rick Owens
Zipper Necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Hat: H&M Fashion against AIDS
Rings: Kalevala Koru, custom made nail ring and gifts

Pictures by Essi

Goodbye spring, welcome summer (part 1)

A party that had been carefully planned months ahead with the lovely ladies Stella and Hanna, finally paid off on Saturday as a very fashionable crowd gathered to the hair & beauty salon Dandy for great food, drinks, beauty treatments, music and other goodies. Even the sudden rain and thunder storm didn’t ruin our fun; it miraculously stopped right when it was time to move to the after party held at Rafla.

I want to thank the fellow organizers, fabulous guests and generous sponsors for a great night to remember! I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

Me (my outfit pictures to come in the second part).
Hanna, Veera, Tiina, Stella and Fanny
Essi & Laura
Stellagee, Tiina, Fanny & Eeva
Nina & Laura

Maria & her friend
Inke & Mikko
Sumi beautifying Essi.
Outi creating Outsapop trashion.
Veera & gTie‘s Jenni
Sugar Kane & Stellagee
Veera and her brand new pile of chains from gTie.

Sugar Kane in the process of getting the Patsy Stone hairdo.
DJ’s Tuomas & Peter
Tiina’s new pieces of gold by Youth vs. Future.
Veera getting her hair styled.
Fellow party organizers Hanna & Stella

Laura dancing to the summer tunes.

Pictures #1, #2 and #8 by Mikko Rasila
Picture #3 by Tuomas
Others by me

Read the second part of the story here.

Big thanks to the Dandy staff, Rafla,Weekday,  Laitila, Astiva, Kevin Murphy, Label.m, Warner Music, EMI, Inglot, Dermalogica, Lumi, gTie, Outsapop Trashion, Weleda, Olivia, Green & Blacks, OPI, Youth vs Future, Lustwear, Nokia Hai, Vagabond, Diesel, Friis&Co, Hunky Dory, Marja Kurki, Oopperan Optiikka, KM-Kello, Beauty Salon Sunrise, Arnold’s Donuts, and DJ’S Peter & Tuomas.