Dark elves

I have mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of costumes: when I was a kid I wanted to celebrate all my birthdays as costume parties, demanding my (poor) guests to follow suit. It’s not a big secret that I still like them as an adult, there is just something so exciting about hopping into someone else’s shoes and becoming a totally different character for a night. It’s an escape from reality, they say, and also my main motive for loving the dress up game. I guess it comes as no surprise that my favorite holiday is Halloween and despite the commercial side of it, I’m actually enjoying the fact that each year the Halloween parties here in Europe get better and better.

Without a further ado, here is a tribute to the two dark elves that roamed the streets of Berlin from dusk till dawn on that cold and dark Halloween night.

Booted up

It was about time to dig these Rick Owens flap boots out of the archives of my closet. I have no idea why they have not got more wear, perhaps they are more suitable for the bizarre but laid-back clubs of Berlin than they ever were back home. Here no one looks at you like an alien, even though they could easily mistake me for one while wearing these bad boys.

Cape shirt: DRK SHDW
Skort: Rick Owens
Wedge pull-on flap boots: Rick Owens

Here they come, part time punks!

Now that I have finally overcome the jet lag from my travels, I start my California image diary with pictures from one of L.A.’s better nightlife establishments, Part Time Punks. Though the night wasn’t the best of what the club can offer, we ended up having our own fun playing with a cutout figure of the mighty Rozz Williams, and later on in the night with my own camera capturing the spirit(s) of the night.

First two pictures via Dirty Snapshots.