Men’s fashion week Paris: Julius S/S12

I’m back from Paris, with a little detour to the Finnish Lapland to spend the remainder of my summer holidays escaping the city life. Now, well rested after the craziness of the city of love and lights, I start my reports from the Paris men’s fashion week by presenting first the Julius S/S2012 collection. Though this collection, simply named [edge;], is a bit of a repeat of what Julius does best (fitted leather jackets, cargo pants, elongated shapes, and sturdy footwear), there were a few details that made my heart skip a beat when the models entered the runway; First and foremost, adding a few femmes to stir things up was a clever choice from the designer Tatsuro Horikawa’s team, making me fall in love with the unisex approach of the season (which was inspired by the architecture of Zaha Hadid by the way). Second thing that caught my interest was the rather dark color scheme, with only touches of blue, white and gray. Whilst this collection might have not been the strongest one from Julius, it is indeed refreshing that there is no need to go all “tutti frutti” just because it’s summer. For me, the aforementioned with a special emphasis on that little strappy leather topoozing sex appeal, really made this collection. You can probably already guess that it, and some other items will be on my spring/summer shopping list – if and when they become available. Overall, good job team Horikawa!

See the full collection below.

Pictures by the author.

From 2011/2012 to 1923/1925

If you have been wondering about the silence on this blog, well, lately I have felt like there is really no point in blabbing about superficial things like fashion when there are much more serious things going on around the globe. Hence no showing of recent purchases or new outfits in some time.

However, I wanted to show these pictures from my Paris travels that I made back in January for some time now, but was waiting for the right moment to hit my poetic vein. I figured that when the times are tough, it’s nice to remember the moments that we can be happy about, like this little detour that my German friend Dirk and I made from the men’s fashion week to the amazing Maison Le Roche by Le Corbusier. If you are in Paris and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the more touristic attractions, then this place  should be on your must see list.

Dated back to the 1920’s, this beautiful house stands in the outskirts of Paris, near the Jasmin metro station (prepare to walk a bit, the neighborhood is a must see of its own). We celebrated this event with a little bit of bubbly which made the trip much more jolly, and spot things that might go otherwise unnoticed like cool street names and delicate sunlight hitting the Parisian streets. Oh Paris, how I miss it all already.

Maison Le Roche 1923/1925
On me:
Hooded coat: Rick Owens Lilies
Long skirt: Rick Owens Lilies
Boots: Guidi
Fingerless gloves: Lost and Found
Beanie: Seppälä
Scarf: Self-made
Bag: Self-made

On Dirk:
Coat: Boris Bidjan Saberi
Cargo pants: Julius
Boots: Guidi
Bag: Zam Barrett

In the showroom: OBSCUR A/W 11/12

During the Paris men’s fashion week I had the chance to visit the showroom of OBSCUR, a Swedish label run by my good friend Richard Söderberg. His latest collection, inspired by the cold winters of Scandinavia, was presented in a beautiful old Paris building with gothic romantic surroundings, coherently complementing the mood of the collection. OBSCUR’s autumn/winter 2011/2012 consists of tailored winter coats, blazers with attached gloves, structured pants, distressed leather boots, and soft leathers which the label is most known for. Many beautiful pieces which I would not mind owning myself.