Off the beaten track

Hopefully you all have had a great Easter! I’ve been just relaxing, done some spring cleaning, and attended Laura‘s b-day party including a sit-down sushi dinner and some reckless dancing.

This kind of easy, four day weekend requires some relaxed tunes, so this week’s Off the Beaten Track is consists of the aforementioned. It’s a perfect tracklist for those lazy days when the rain is drumming on your window or the sunlight is hitting your face, and for a moment, the time stands still. The occasion is up to you. Enjoy!


[audio:,,,,,,,,,|titles=New Slang, No Name #4, I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From, I’ll Be On the Water, Lost Cause, Blue Ridge Mountains, He War, Master Song, To Sheila, Us And Them]

The Shins: New Slang
Elliott Smith: No Name #4
Kings of Convenience: I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From
Akron/Family: I’ll Be On the Water
Beck: Lost Cause
Fleet Foxes: Blue Ridge Mountains
Cat Power: He War
Leonard Cohen: Master Song
The Smashing Pumpkins: To Sheila
Pink Floyd: Us And Them

Off the beaten track

My last playlist got good reviews from you guys, so here we go with a new one. This time I combined some electro/synth based tunes for you to enjoy. It’s the perfect weekend mix whether you’re just chilling or getting ready to go out. I hope you like it!

[audio:,,,,,öyksopp-What-Else-is-There.mp3,,,,|titles=Innocent Line, Night Time, In the City, Scarlet Fields, Sipping on the Sweet Nectar (Bogdan Irkuk: Love Nectar Mix), What Else Is There?, Want You Back, Take Extacy With Me, Saracen, Midas Touch (Remix)]


A Mountain of One: Innocent Line
The XX: Night Time
Chromatics: In the City
The Horrors: Scarlet Fields
Jens Lekman: Sipping On the Sweet Nectar (Bogdan Irkuk: Love Nectar Mix)
Röyksopp: What Else Is There?
Nite Jewel: Want You Back
!!!: Take Extacy With Me
Xeno and Oaklander: Saracen
Boards of Canada: Midas Touch (Remix)

Off the beaten track

I have stated a few times before that in my life music and style go pretty much hand in hand: a certain song or the mood of a song can define what kind of ensemble I end up pulling out of the closet for the day. Many times I’ve wanted to transmit my inspiration sources in the form of music, but a bunch of Youtube videos at the end of the entry would feel kind of silly, especially when most of the tracks I’d like to play can not be found from there. Hence, I’ve just ended up naming my entry titles with song lyrics or something of the kind.

After multiple requests from my behalf, the required plug-in for a play list has finally become available on Indiedays, and I got the pleasure to be the first one to test out of this new feature. If this works out, I was thinking about making this a weekly habit, if time permits. My plan is also to put something current and those forgotten gems on your platter, hence the title name “Off the beaten track“.

Today’s dark but dancey playlist is a prelude to the weekend which will include dressing in black (no surprise there), meeting up with friends, attending a fashion show, and hopefully good times.  Let me know what you think!

[audio:,,,,,,,,,|titles=Crystal, Lips Like Sugar, Clean City, Love Come Close, Lost, Disintegration, Romulus and Venus, Soft Shock, Kim & Jessie, But Not Tonight |artists=New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Nicolas Makelberge, Cold Cave, The Mary Onettes, The Cure, Tear Garden, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M83, Depeche Mode]


New Order – Crystal
Echo and the Bunnymen –  Lips Like Sugar (Way out West remix)
Nicolas Makelberge – Clean City
Cold Cave – Love Come Close
The Mary Onettes – Lost
The Cure – Disintegration
Tear Garden – Romulus and Venus
Yeah Yeah Yeahs –  Soft Shock
M83 – Kim & Jessie
Depeche Mode – But Not Tonight