Back from the grave

I have just woken from very long hibernation period, call it a writers block if you like, but here I am back from the grave and ready to blog again. It’s like one of those moments when you feel the first rays of the spring sun on your face, and suddenly everything seems possible. To start off, I share some pictures from my Easter trip to Belgium. I mainly hung out in Gent and and Antwerp, where every avant-garde fanatics must-see destination is of course the Ann Demeulemeester flagship store. That beautiful establishment alone called for a picture time.

Coat: Area di Barbara Bologna
Cardigan: Rick Owens
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Area di Barbara Bologna
Fingerless gloves: Lost & Found
Beanie: COS

Pictures by Dunja Seselja

On turning 30

So on Monday I turned 30; a big day for a small girl. Unlike most women, I was not afraid of this day and in fact, I took it with grace and excitement. It felt like starting a new chapter in my life: Gone is the insecurity of the 20s, student life and worries about the future. At 30, I’m still healthy and look relatively young, know how I am and what I like, got steady income, plenty of good friends around me, and live in one of the greatest cities in the whole world. 30s is the new 20s but with benefits, so really – what’s not to like?

Tank top: Rick Owens
Cardigan: Rick Owens
Skirt: SILENT by Damir Doma
Boots: Guidi
Bag: OBSCUR (women’s)

Pictures by Tim van den Oudenhoven

In the showroom: OBSCUR S/S12 collection

Last summer I had the privilege of visiting the OBSCUR showroom in Paris and see what Spring /Summer 2012 looked like. This beautifully crafted collection featured light weight basics made of Japanese organic cotton and rustic looking linen jackets, without forgetting the typical to OBSCUR leather goods such as jackets with a new moldable collar and an oversize zippered bag. Designer Richard Söderberg‘s idea was to make the garments like an armor, protecting their bearer but still keeping them wearable. OBSCUR S/S12 will become available early next year.

Pictures by: Anna-Maria

More pictures of the S/S12 men’s collection on OBSCUR’s blog.

OBSCUR women’s S/S12

Ever since my friend Richard Söderberg started his menswear brand OBSCUR, I have been constantly asking him to start designing also for the prettier half of the two genders. Finally the prayers have been answered, as he debuts with his OBSCUR women’s collection for S/S12 this year. This capsule like collection features elements typically known to the brand: Treated leathers, rustic zippers and that certain dark aesthetic – this time blending these familiar elements into a soft dream like state, embracing the feminine side of what defines OBSCUR. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see more of the women’s wear in the future.

“A myriad of forms embody this first complete exclusive cluster of pieces that is a feminine expression of OBSCUR. Constrained structures juxtaposed with playful anatomy create warped and skewed perception of shapes. Molded outlines uncover bare human flesh. Treated leather in a gradient, heavy exposed silver along with raw material melt and merge with one another to coexist within an extremely feminine silhouette.”

More images of the OBSCUR women’s S/S12 collection on OBSCUR’s blog.