The big move is finally over!

Hello and welcome to the new blog address! The big move is finally over and I’m now blogging at The old addresses should redirect you here and the Bloglovin, Blogilista, and other blog follow-up services should work as usual. I have also created a Facebook group for my blog, so feel free to join it and see the latest updates and news through there.

Lots of things have changed around here and it’s a bit of a job learning how to blog with Wordpress but so far so good…Notice that the commenting section is now different, and I can actually reply to your comments individually. We can also carry on the discussion with the counter-commenting possibility (the “reply” button) which in my opinion is great! I always love a good discussion, so please use the reply button if you want to counter-comment.

If you notice any problems or want to give feedback about my new blog home, please share your thoughts. We are still all learning here and hopefully all the minor things will be worked out by the end of this week. I’m a bit nervous about all this but I have a feeling this ride will be a good one. Hope you feel the same way!

Moving on up

Hi girls and boys, on Monday the 11th my blog is finally moving to the Indiedays portal, so commenting is disabled all the day tomorrow (Sunday). Do not worry, I’ll be back with a brand new look and new posts at my new address very soon (you’ll be transfered there automatically by typing my blogger address or I can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned!


New year brings new exciting changes for Fashion Flux! I’ve been asked to join a special project with 18 other Finnish fashion bloggers, and this project will start on Monday the 4th of January 2010. Basically whats going to happen, is that my blog will be moved to a site called Indiedays which is a lifestyle portal featuring fashion, style and beauty. Do not worry though, the content of my blog won’t change in any way, the only major change is that I’ll have a few advertising banners on the sidebar of my blog which enables me to get a little compensation for putting all the time and effort into this blog.
Moving so many blogs under one roof will also bring great things for you readers. Together we are more powerful, so there will be more fun stuff coming your way, for example in the form of giveaways and competitions. We will be also able to work with fashion designers, showrooms and other style/fashion related projects which makes things a wee bit interesting for all of you, and for myself of course.
You will be still able to find me from the familiar adress http://fluxorist.blogspot/, the guys at Indiedays will redirect you to my new address Also my very own dot com,, will redirect you there, so feel free to use any of these addresses to find me after the 4th.
All of the bloggers joining the portal won’t be revealed at once, so if you want to get the latest scoop (only in Finnish, sorry) about what’s going on, do join the Facebook group or Twitter group of Indiedays. From there you can also find the latest news of what’s happening inside the portal after it’s opened.
I’m hoping this change will open great opportunities and new doors for me, as I’ve always wanted to work with fashion. Now I’m one step closer to my dream…

P.S. You should be still able to follow me through Blogger, Bloglovin, Blogilista, RSS feed and other services!


As you might have noticed my banner has had a little face lift, and I’m finally happy with the layout of this blog. You might wonder who is behind the banner drawing, and in fact, there is a nice little story behind it.
About one month ago, I organized a birthday competition for my blog’s first anniversary, giving away this amazing silver bracelet from Funky Marie Design’s shop. The competition was won by a Brazilian reader of mine, a fashion design student called Nathália Nunes. As a thank you for winning the competition, she send me this cute color drawing that she had quickly drafted of me. I could see that she had real talent there, so we started exchanging emails and thoughts about fashion design, and she also let me see a glimpse of her past collection.
Thereby, I asked her to draw another picture of me (featuring one of my all time favorite outfits) to use on my blog’s banner, and here we are. I’m really happy with it, thank you so much Nathália! As a result of our discussions, she has also started a blog called Out of the Blue that will feature fashion and her up and coming designs. I wish all the best for her and her career! 

Drawings by Nathalia Nunes