Au revoir, Ann!

If I had to pick one designer to wear head to toe for the rest of my life, it would be none other than Ann Demeulemeester. Her designs speak to me in a way that no other designer’s work is capable of; I can identify with the woman she describes. So, with a heavy heart I read these sad news of her exiting the label, and wonder how will its future look like without the charismatic leader.

Best of luck Ann, and thank you for the beautiful designs you gave us.

New chapter

I have been hinting about some major life changes for the past weeks and now I can finally reveal that there are actually two things happening at once. The biggest change is  that I have packed my things and moved to Berlin, ending my four year career at my current employer and leaving behind Finland, my home country for the past 28 years. At the same time another major change which regards this blog, when I leave the Indiedays at turn of the month. I want to thank the Indiedays team for all the great opportunities that belonging into a portal like this has offered me and wish all the best of the others who still continue on board.

The blog, simply called just “Flux.“, can be found now from starting Wednesday the 1st of September. I hope your find your way to Flux. and to my new adventures in the city I have fallen in love with.

Picture via Principal’s Posts

Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?

Today I gave in to something I’ve been trying to avoid for a long time: I joined Twitter. I suppose there comes a time when the modern technology overpowers you, leaving you feeling left out when you’re not on top of the things. You might also wonder  why a person who is most often annoyed by the pointless Facebook status messages, is joining a service that is solely made for that purpose, well, I feel that when the “tweets” are in a completely separate feed, they’re less annoying and actually turn into (mark my words), interesting.

So if you want to hear what’s up and when (and all the randomness that’s going on in my life), do follow my tweets here (or by clicking the Twitter icon in the right sidebar). I promise to step up the game with frequent updates.

Since this an informative post, I’ll add here that you can also follow me on Bloglovin here and on Facebook here. So click click click!

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Anonymous commenting enabled!

I’ve been wondering why the commenting on my blog has been quite low-key ever since I moved to Indiedays, and after thinking about my own commeting habits, I realized that it might be due to the fact that my comment section requires you to fill out too much personal information. To make things hassle free here, I have now enabled the anonymous commenting, meaning you don’t have to provide any personal information anymore (not even your name, in that case the comment will be coming from “anonymous”), if you don’t want to. Naturally I would prefer people using nicknames and those of you who have a blog, I’d rather know who you are since a lot of times this is the way I visit blogs.

Let’s see how this will change things here after this, I hope it’s for the better. Discussion and comments are always welcome!

In Finnish:

Tiedoituksena teille rakkaille lukijoilleni, että anonyyminä kommentointi on nyt sallittu blogissani! Enää ei siis tarvitse jättää nimimerkkiä tai sähköpostiosoitetta kommenttiin, ellet sitä itse halua. Tämä tarkoittaa käytännössä sitä, että ilman nimimerkkiä ja muita tietoja kommentti tulee tästä lähin anonyymiltä (“anonymous”). Nimerkin käyttö on tietenkin suotavaa ja blogillisilta lukijoilta toivon ehdottomasti yhteystietojen jättämistä, sillä päädyn usein blogeihinne sitä kautta. 

Toivon tämän muutoksen parantavan nyt kovin hiljaista kommentointia, sillä edellinen ylimääräisiä tietoja vaativa kommenttilaatikko oli varmasti monelle yleensä anonyyminä kommentoivalle lukijalle rasitteena. Muistathan, että Fashion Fluxiin voi aina kommentoida myös suomeksi. Tervetuloa keskustelemaan!