Guidi 2.0

My obsession for Guidi boots is undeniable: With the beautiful craftsmanship, perfect fit and rough material choices, what’s not to love? In order to get some rest from the high heels of my previous pair, I just had to get my hands (or feet more like it) on these back zip reverse leather ones. I had actually been eyeing on the exact same pair here in Berlin, and was therefore pleasantly surprised when these popped up in my size on ebay with a much more agreeable price tag. Seems like fate to me!

Boots: Guidi 796 reverse leather with back zips

Wide legged

When I saw these wide legged pants on one sale assistant back in Finland couple of months ago, the thought of them never left my mind. A weird hybrid between the samurai Hakama pants and a Victorian era riding skirt, they could not scream my name more. I am planning on shortening the hem with just a few centimeters, because even with my 10cm heel wedge boots, they are a tad long. Other than that, they are probably the comfiest tailored pants I have ever owned.

Long sleeve: Julius
Wide legged pants: MTWTFSS
Wedge ankle boots: Rick Owens

Silent sigh

The fall in Berlin has been absolutely beautiful and luckily there has been no rain which has allowed me to wear some lighter gear much longer than I ever expected. Hence, hail to the mini dresses, leggings and Ricks! Hopefully there are many more rain and snow free days to come, I’m just not ready for the winter while the fall is still offering its best.

Dress/tunic: SILENT by Damir Doma
Leggings: DRK SHDW
Wedge ankle boots: Rick Owens