On turning 30

So on Monday I turned 30; a big day for a small girl. Unlike most women, I was not afraid of this day and in fact, I took it with grace and excitement. It felt like starting a new chapter in my life: Gone is the insecurity of the 20s, student life and worries about the future. At 30, I’m still healthy and look relatively young, know how I am and what I like, got steady income, plenty of good friends around me, and live in one of the greatest cities in the whole world. 30s is the new 20s but with benefits, so really – what’s not to like?

Tank top: Rick Owens
Cardigan: Rick Owens
Skirt: SILENT by Damir Doma
Boots: Guidi
Bag: OBSCUR (women’s)

Pictures by Tim van den Oudenhoven

Under the Tuscan sun

Summer has officially turned into fall but I’m still in the reminiscence events from earlier this year. In April I was invited to Italy, to visit the studio of Barbara Bologna, the artist behind the clothing brand Area di Barbara Bologna. I spent a long weekend talking about and stalking her design process and designs, especially her F/W12 collection. She also showed me the beautiful Tuscan countryside where she resides; right where the sea and mountains meet. I think I left a huge piece of my heart to Italy: To its friendly people, great food and breathtaking landscape. Plenty of reasons why I must visit this magical place again.

Dress and skirt: Area di Bologna Barbara
High heels: Area di Bologna Barbara
Boots: Guidi
Bag: Self-made
Wooden ring: Area di Bologna Barbara

For the pictures a big hand goes to Barbara, Andrea and my dear mom.

DIY leather handbag

Due to a lack of a smaller handbag which is easy to use and carry through the clubs of Berlin, I decided to design and make one myself. I used the same treated leather as in my previous project, the leather tote, but this time sewing the body of the bag with machine and rest by hand.

The bag features include an elongated flap, simple button clasp closing mechanism, and a double strap with rustic metal d-rings to attach it to the bag. Though this project demanded good nerves and patience (not generally virtues of mine), I am very pleased with the outcome. In action pictures to follow soon.

Leather handbag: Selfmade

Sculptured leather

New in my wardrobe: A sculpture-like Rick Owens leather jacket. It took me four years of lusting to actually pull the trigger and now I could not be happier. As if it was tailor made to fit my body, I’m enchanted by its material, color, seam work and shape. Is it wrong to love an inanimate object? I surely hope not because this one is a keeper. For years to come.

Leather jacket: Rick Owens
Long-sleeve: Julius
Skirt: Rick Owens Lilies
Boots: Guidi
Bag: Zam Barrett
Scarf: Peter Hahn
Beanie: COS