Glass Candy, part 2

Words can’t describe how happy I was to hear that Glass Candy, a band that I’ve once traveled across the Baltic sea to see live once, was coming to play in my little hometown, Tampere. The gig was held on last Wednesday and even though the turn out was rather low key, the show was amazing and the band energetic as ever. A special shout-out to Johnny, Ida and Desire’s Meg for taking us backstage for a night to remember. Good times!

Voita liput Glass Candyn keikalle! / Win tickets to see Glass Candy!

Glass Candy, tuo italo discon amerikkalainen sanansaattaja ja yksi tämän hetken musiikillisista suursuosikeistani, keikkailee Tampereen Klubilla keskiviikkona 11.11. (support Desire) . Fashion Fluxin lukijoilla on nyt ainutlaatuinen mahdollisuus voittaa liput bändin upealle keikalle jättämällä kommentti tämän postauksen kommenttilaatikkoon ja kertomalla miksi juuri Sinun tulisi voittaa liput. Arvon yhteensä kaksi kahden lipun settiä, eli kaksi erillistä voittajaa ja kumpikin heistä saa kaksi lippua omakseen. Muistathan jättää sähköpostiosoitteesi kommenttiin! Arvonta päättyy huomenna tiistaina 10.11. klo 21.00, joten kiirehdi! Allerkirjoittaneen tulet löytämään satavarmasti Klubin tanssilattialta, sillä Glass Candy ei jätä ketään kylmäksi
. Onnea arvontaan!

In English:

Glass Candy, the American ambassador of italo disco and one of my current favorites, is playing at Klubi in Tampere this week on Wednesday the 11th of November (support Desire). The readers of Fashion Flux have an amazing chance to score some tickets for the show by leaving a comment on this post and telling me why should YOU win the tickets. I will give away two tickets for two winners, so two tickets/winner. You should leave your comment by tomorrow 10th of November at 9pm Finnish time if you want to participate. Please include your email in the comment, so I can contact you in case you win. You will definiely find me from the dance floor of Klubi because Glass Candy never seems to dissapoint, I can guarantee that! Good luck with the raffle!

Glass Candy track “Candy Castle” opened the Chanel Haute Couture show S/S 08

P.S. Sorry, this raffle is only for readers living in Finland or whoever can travel here to see Glass Candy on Wednesday.

P.S.S. Berlin post(s) to come later, stay tuned!

Cover me

Last night Deerhunter was playing at Tavastia in Helsinki and I went to see it with myboyfriendRanna and her boyfriend. The show was really good and the singer Bradfod Cox really has a talent in stand up comedy with his strangely funny in-between comments and manoeuvres. In the end the band let audience members play the instruments while the the band was beating the hell out of the drum set. A good show indeed, I recommend checking them out!

I wanted to wear something suitable for an indie rock gig, so I went with all black and a drapy “oat meal” colored cardigan that a colleague of mine has ordered from All Saintsbut didn’t want to keep for some reason. She must be crazy because this is the most comfortable cottony thing ever! I was so glad that it fit me and it’s precisely my style, too. Hey, a new color addition to my wardrobe!

Bathroom shots are a must!

Cardigan: All Saints
Top: Sunday Sun
Tights: Random, DIY slashing
Shoes: Skopunkten
Bag: Spirit Items
Ring: Kalevala Koru


I often get remarks on how I resemble Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I guess we share some similar features, especially when my hair used to be black and cut more abstract. I think Karen is cute and her fashion sense is phenomenal, so I’m very flattered by all these comments. Funny story is that I actually met her in L.A. a couple of years ago when my friends and I partied with her and Johnny Knoxville at L.A.’s best indie club called Part Time Punks (I can recommend that club to anyone visiting the city). She was very nice, at least of what I remember.
Anyway, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now coming up with a new album called “It’s Blitz” and the first single “Zero” is already out. I seriously think that the hit song of the year has been born; I’m literally dancing here behind the screen right now. The only bad thing about this video is that it makes me miss California even more (it was shot in SF). For those of you who wonder why I tend to talk about Cali ever so often, it’s because my boyfriend is from SoCal and I’ve spent a good amount of time over there over the past 7 years that we have been together. The big plan is to move out there one day. But enough yapping about moi, here is the video for you guys to enjoy.

P.S. The new album has leaked and if you liked this song, you’ll love the whole album.