Zola Jesus at the Satellite in L.A. One of the best gigs I have ever been to, ending up with Nika dancing on the bar counter.

Return to surrender

If not for the perfect climate, Southern California is always a good place to catch artists that would rarely enter the European soil. Tonight I’m going to see Tamaryn and the Raveonettes play at a local bar here in the O.C., and it should be at least interesting. Tamaryn’s ethereal sound caught me and entered my playlists in 2009 when her single “Return to Surrender” came out, blowing my mind completely. If you don’t believe my appraisal, listen to it yourself. This, still a bit unknown artist, is someone definitely worth checking out.

Lace up your boots

Hello there! I have no intentions of deserting this blog but my life has been very hectic lately: moving to a new place, making travel plans overseas, sorting out stuff for sale, and figuring out what to do with my future. Spring time always brings those thoughts of “must do something” to the surface, and fingers crossed, some big changes might be happening soon. Blog-wise. I’m pretty sure that in a few days, I will have some outfits to show again. So hold tight, folks.

In the meanwhile, do yourself a favor and listen to some Cult of Youth.

Flow 2010

Veni, vidi, vici. Recovering from a three day festival is like recovering from a massive hangover, requiring lots of sleep, plenty of water and some good ole junk food (too tired to cook after the hustle and bustle). Flow Festival in Helsinki was great and so was the company. Can’t believe I’m going through with this again in a few weeks, as we’re heading to the Berlin Festival in Germany. I’m quite excited though!

Flow 2010
I want to thank my girls, Essi, Laura, Ranna and Sophie for the great company (and all my other friends who are not meantioned or do not appear in the pictures, you are great too!), Indiedays for the tickets, for great musical enjoyment the XX, Beach House and the Radio Dept, Hannulelauri for the best dance party, and for pictures 1 & 2 my very own Peter.

P.S. Those of you who came here due to my little black  business card, your style pictures can be found from here.