At Darklands

I still haven’t fully recovered from the sleep deprivation caused by all the crazy partying I did in Berlin, but I’m slowly getting united with what was left behind on Thursday. Introducing here my new hooded Boris Bidjan Saberi cardigan which I, after taking a long view, acquired from my absolute favorite Berlin boutique, Darklands, on the day of our arrival. This pretty little number is made of bamboo and is so soft and comfortable that I spent the rest of my four day mini vacation literally living and almost sleeping in it. The only time I gave it a little rest was on Saturday, when the sun was beaming from a blue sky, making it too hot to even wear a shirt for that matter. So yes, our destiny is sealed, we are pretty much inseparable now and will stick together through thick and thin, until unraveling threads (I hope never) do us apart.

Hooded cardigan: Boris Bidjan Saberi
Tank top: Rick Owens
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Bag: Self-made
Rings: Kalevala Koru & custom made etc.

Let me take you to the heart of the city, let me misunderstand you

This blog has been on a well deserved break while the blogger and her photographer have been on a hectic summer holiday, including guests from California and traveling to Finnish Lapland.

Returning to the everyday life isn’t easy, especially when work is calling on Monday and summer is soon coming to its end. Hence, what better way to cheer up the mood than sharing some more of the fashion week pictures containing very soigné men, taken on a crazy night in the heart of Paris. The most discerning viewers might spot some familiar faces too.

Outside of club Chacha during the Paris men’s fashion week S/S11

Après le spectacle Damir Doma

I hope you are not tired of my Paris stories yet because here comes another one. After the Damir Doma show we decided to fool around, chat to some  of the fellow street style photographers, and actually properly perpetuate my outfit for once. Do check out my friend Arash’s self-made wedges that I jokingly named as “Shit Owens“, and which Arash himself describes as “a desperate attempt at feeling fabulous” (after breaking three pairs of these RO medges during spring. Not to worry though, according to the very helpful and friendly Rick Owens sales people in Paris, with the new f/w 10 collection the quality issues have been solved). At least they provided entertainment and were one of the most photographed shoes out there. Arash dreams of becoming a shoe designer one day and I really don’t blame him for doing so, at least he is not lacking of imagination.

On me:
Hooded tunic: Ann Demeulemeester
Blazer: Zara
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Wedge ankle boots: Rick Owens
Necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Bag: Lumi
Rings: Kalevala Koru, custom made nail ring etc.

Paris men’s fashion week: Damir Doma S/S 2011

The last but not least of the fashion shows during Paris men’s fashion week, was the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of Croatian born designer Damir Doma. The beautiful school courtyard where the show was held at, was buzzing with fashion elite and insiders. Attending a massive event like this was the best possible ending for this fashion week experience.

In this coherent collection, Damir Doma has traveled to the Orient with relaxed silhouettes, kaftans, keffiyefs, and fez hats. This style has been featured quite a few times on the runway but never did it catch my attention to this extent; The subtle looks and earthly colors create a peaceful atmosphere, one could even say it created a zen like state where in everything co-existed in both peace and harmony.

Pictures by: Anna-Maria