Mesh & lace

A rainy weekend indoors calls for relaxed clothes and taking out last summer’s favorite slouching shorts. To make things more interesting, I added the mesh top and the lace bustier to give a touch of luxury to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Now that I think about it, I really should give this MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela mesh top more wear, as the last time it was worn was over a year ago. I don’t know how great pieces like this one end up getting lost in one’s closet, that’s a mystery that needs to be solved.

Have a great weekend!

Cardigan: MTWTFSS
Mesh top: MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela
Lace bustier:: Sonia Rykiel for H&M
College shorts: Zara
Platform ankle boots: Vagabond
Rings: Kalevala Koru

It’s Friday I’m in love

This is the last part of the weekend titled blog entries for now, a trilogy of some sort. Actually the title has another meaning because I’m pretty sure they will play the Cure at this goth club tonight. Somehow I find myself going to one again, perhaps it’s the good music or the fact that no matter what you wear there, no one is judging. The goths are quite easy on the dance floor too; no one pouring beer on my designer shoes and no one pushing or acting stupid. Quite a pleasant combination, I’d say.I’m not going all out with the theme but my outfit does have it’s gothic influences, the same ones we have seen on the runway lately. I bought the leather skirt in Stockholm even though I have two of them already occupying my closet. Somehow the older ones seem so casual after finding this one, though this zipper detailed skirt was a very random purchase due to it’s heavily discounted price. This means that I’m probably getting rid of my older versions and they will either end up on Ets

y or to an e-auction of some sort. I combined the leather skirt with an oddly cut Margiela tee that my boyfriend and I share, it follows the seams of the leather skirt perfectly.

T-shirt: Martin Margiela
Leather skirt: MTWTFSS
Boots: Fendi
Hat: Uniformal Warehouse vie eBay
Cuff: Leather Heaven
Ring: Kalevala Koru

I live among the creatures of the night

You know those times when your closet just has nothing you would want to wear and everything just seems dull and outdated? It’s too early to wear those spring clothes that are waiting in your closet for the warmer days and you have lost your inspiration. I actually had a great conversation about this issue yesterday with the ever so stylish Sugar Kane, who told me she is struggling with the same problem. Call it spring depression or whatever, it’s a feeling that seems to hit us every year around this time.
In times like this I’m actually very lucky that my boyfriend and I share a very similar fashion taste, being able to raid his closet is truly a bless. Wearing my boyfriend’s harem pants and oddly cut sweater, I felt like a completely new person, discovering the world of androgyny again. It was also just the inspiration kick that I needed to start a spring cleaning in my closet, so keep your eyes open as I will probably will end up selling a lot of my stuff online.

Sweater: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (via my bf’s closet)
Pants: Vila (via my bf’s closet)
Shoes: Fendi
Belt: Second hand
Ring: Kalevala Koru

The same pants transferred into the night’s outfit, when I later on met up with an old friend of mine and headed to the gothic club Schatten. I’m not so much into the “plastic goth” scene myself, so my look was more like 80’s/90’s goth (think Siouxie Sioux or Nina Hagen) with a fashionable update. It felt so good dancing to the good old goth/post punk tunes and when the fog filled up the dance floor, everything was just the way it was supposed to be.

Net top: Martin Margiela
Oddly cut top: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Pants: Vila (via my bf’s closet)
Shoes: Fendi
Necklace and ring: Kalevala Koru
Armor ring: Silver Rabbits (via eBay)
Choker: Self-made

“Oh, the night is my world,
City light painted girl,
In the day nothing matters,
It’s the night time that flatters”