Under the Tuscan sun

Summer has officially turned into fall but I’m still in the reminiscence events from earlier this year. In April I was invited to Italy, to visit the studio of Barbara Bologna, the artist behind the clothing brand Area di Barbara Bologna. I spent a long weekend talking about and stalking her design process and designs, especially her F/W12 collection. She also showed me the beautiful Tuscan countryside where she resides; right where the sea and mountains meet. I think I left a huge piece of my heart to Italy: To its friendly people, great food and breathtaking landscape. Plenty of reasons why I must visit this magical place again.

Dress and skirt: Area di Bologna Barbara
High heels: Area di Bologna Barbara
Boots: Guidi
Bag: Self-made
Wooden ring: Area di Bologna Barbara

For the pictures a big hand goes to Barbara, Andrea and my dear mom.

From 2012 to 1931

As fascinating as the Paris fashion week is, it’s always nice to take a little break and do something totally non-fashion related and outside of the regular tourist traps. This time around my friend Dirk and I conquered yet another Le Corbusier masterpiece, the magnificent Villa Savoye in the town of  Poissy, located in the outskirts of Paris. For our little trip, I wore an outfit that has stuck on me like a glue this summer due to it’s lightweight and comfortable nature; a Rick Owens Lilies long dress, DRK SHDWleggings (both purchases from Paris) paired with an OBSCUR cardigan, and my dearSILENT sandals featured in the previous post. All I can say that it was a great day in great company, despite the looks we got from the townsfolk when two black figures hiked to the hilltop of Poissy in the sizzling +30C heat. Totally worth it though.

On me:
Long dress: Rick Owens Lilies
Long cardigan with neck strap: OBSCUR
Leggings: DRK SHWD
Sandals/shoes: SILENT by Damir Doma
Bag: Self-made


I am still going over the massive amount of pictures from my recent L.A. trip, and the task seems never ending, so bare with me. First I thought of making a picture diary type of post but soon realized that there are so many images, that I have to break them in to smaller sections. These pictures were taken in Venice during our last full day in California, after visiting one of the most interesting museums I have ever been in, the Museum of Jurassic Technology. To borrow my friend’s words, “it is the kind of place that if Rick Owens would put up a museum, it would end up looking something like this“. And after stepping into the place, we all knew why. If you are in town and want to experience something totally different and extraordinary, head there. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Leather jacket: Obscur
Long sleeve shirt: DRK SHDW
Leggins/sweat pants: Converse All Stars
Wedges: Rick Owens
Bag: Zam Barrett