It's so Unik

My blog being featured on the Frisky this month was a true surprise and an honor. Today I noticed that an interview that I gave a few weeks back to a Finnish magazine called Unik Paper was finally published. The article can be downloaded here (page 6).

The story is in Finnish but basically I’m talking about this fall’s trends such as leather, chains and black color. The piece was titled on the cover as “Dark fall fashion: Fashion Blogger’s Tips” and the actual interview as “Sweet, Dark Fashion” (both my own translations). The story came out really good, except there is a little confusion about the figures on how many people visit my blog; the amount is actually based on monthly results, not weekly, as it might let you interpret.

It is a pity that I didn’t have time to provide them with any pictures (due to a tight deadline) but I guess my blog speaks for itself. Anyway, I am really honored that my blog is titled as “one of the most interesting Finnish blogs”. Thank you Sonja for this title and the great opportunity!

Source: Unik Paper

Frisky business

A couple of days ago I received an email from the lovely Annika of the stating that she had chosen my blog to an article about “Bloggers Whose Style We Envy“. I am very honored to be in this bunch since I’m there with style icons such as Lulu from Everybody is Ugly and some other very fashionable ladies. Thank you so much for featuring me, the Frisky!