Myspace Muse: April

Thank you WWW for featuring me as your April Myspace Muse. I’m there with some truly stylish girls, so I’m honored.

Image source & text: Who What Wear

“Myspace Muse: April
Though the path to discovering your personal style is usually a solitary journey, every once in awhile we find ourselves stuck in front of the mirror, unsure of where to turn. Luckily, we can always gain a little guidance and inspiration from our Myspace Muses, as they’ve got sartorial savoir-faire in spades. Hailing from all corners of the globe, we like to think of these fashion plates as our compatriots in the ongoing search for superlative style. Not content to merely follow the current fashion, these girls stand out by creating their own trends, or, impressively, making trends their own. Whether it’s the way they boldly wear the season’s most challenging silhouettes, assert themselves in studded heels, or revamp girly skirts with boyish basics, these ladies motivate and encourage us with their personal panache. So try a little help from these fashion-minded friends when wondering what to wear—we promise they’ll leave you with plenty of trendsetting tips to help you on your way!

An all-black outfit keeps the focus on a fashion-forward silhouette.Playing with color is always a bold choice, but sometimes the opposite is equally true. As demonstrated by Anna-Marie, 26, from Finland, restraint can be completely chic. Take her harem pants, for example: by keeping her outfit all black, she turns the spotlight onto their interesting cut and shape. If you’re intrigued by these cool contours and want to try a few similarly designed pieces, start with Vanessa Bruno’s Asymmetric Frill Blouse ($460). We think the subtle frill will add a feminine touch to any outfit. Another way to summon-up style is with Maje’s outstanding Harem Pants ($445). The slouchy cut is definitely directional, while the supple suede is an unexpected and luxurious upgrade. However (because today we’re full of options for you!), if you prefer to test out this trend without total commitment, you can always turn to your favorite leggings-and-tee purveyor—American Apparel. The unconventional brand is currently stocking their own version of Harem Pants ($40), which is an excellent buy with amplified style at an understated price.”

P.S. My name is spelled Anna-Maria but that’s alright, everyone always gets it wrong. 😉

I'm a television girl in a television world

During our Sweden trip the local Finnsih TV station wanted to make a story about the Finnish fashion bloggers and our spending habits during the weakened economy. The following video clip is in Finnish but basically what I’m saying is something along the lines of, “I follow other fashion blogs to get inspired, and if my readers can get inspired by my blog and style, I’m happy”. It doesn’t really have anything do with the ecomony but when they asked me reasons for why I have a blog, that was one of them. It’s really horrible to watch yourself on TV, especially when I wasn’t given any time to prepare for the interview. Here is the end result (forward the clip to 9 minutes):
Uutiset tisdag 02 december 2008-12-02 17.45.

The picture you see, is no portrait of me

Photo by ©Jussi Hakonen

This picture is one of the few that the camera had captured of me whilst on the boat to Sweden. I was unaware of how the images turned out until I had seen this one that the photographer had sent me. To my dismay, the artist behind the lens wanted to use this image for his re-opened website and since I rarely take any headshots, that I’m actually pleased with, I allowed the request.