So this is the new year and I don’t feel any different

My New Year’s outfit doesn’t sparkle or shine but it is, once again, inspired by Givenchy’s fall/winter collection (I honestly think I will never stop being fascinated by it). The ruffled sleeve button up is on me for the first time after I purchased it back in November, same with this tulip/diamond shaped skirt that I got from Sweden. The shape kind of reminds me of the fools outfits back in the renaissance days with its exaggerated “side wings”.

Shirt: Comme des Garcons for H&M
Skirt: Monki
Shoes: Vagabond
Belt: Second hand
Ring: Kalevala Koru

If you remember my Xmas wish list, you might recall I was lusting over the Givenchy open toe strap shoes. Well I didn’t get the real deal but I did find these amazing shoes from Vagabond while shopping for Xmas gifts with my boyfriend. They kind of have the Givenchy feel with the open toe/straps combo but with much less heel. My feet will thank me after all the dancing that I’m planning on doing today.
Happy New Year everyone and see you next year!

Japanese whisper

Hands up, who went to H&M for the CDG last Thursday? After reading crazy stories about fashion hungry folks fighting for the pieces on TFS and other discussion boards, it seems that the opening was rather calm in my city. There were only about 15 people hanging around at 9 am, no line, no hassle. I had the jacket, white ruffle shirt and color block sweater in mind and was actually able to get my hands on two of the latter. As I stated before, the polka dot thing was not really my cup of tea as those and the drop-crotch pants were the most sought after items around the world. My boyfriend purchased a sweater and drop crotch pants but is unsure whether or not to keep them. I think the pants look great on girls but the drop crotch pants definitely look the best on a boyish body and with some combat boots. Well, you be the judge. This is me trying on the pants, I don’t know if I actually have the body to wear these.

Sweater: Comme des Garcons for H&M
Pants: Comme des Garcons for H&M
Shoes: Urban Originals

Today I almost tossed my camera out the window because shooting in the dark sucks. Does anyone know how to take good and clear pictures indoors with the Canon G9? I’ve not managed to do that yet, though there has been several attempts.