She comes in colors

In the past few weeks Berlin has been blessed with great weather, so most of my days have been spent outdoors until the late hours. Hence the radio silence.. Picture wise this time has been extremely fruitful and to start the flow, I want to share something that has recently found its way to my closet from the Antwerp stock sales: A new Ann Demeulemeester silk dress and… tada… not in black! Project “inject some color into your wardrobe” has now officially started. You have been warned!

Leather jacket: Obscur
Dress: Ann Demeulemeester
Cardigan: Cora Kemperman
Bag: Obscur
Wedges:Rick Owens

A big thank you for the pictures goes to D. Jensen.

Der Himmel über Berlin

Warmest welcome to the new blog address and greetings from Berlin! Things are finally starting to normalize here after a hectic moving week, though there is still lot to be done and my almost furniture-less apartment will probably take awhile to start looking like a home.

It still feels a bit unreal that I am actually living in Berlin and not just visiting, but each morning the view of Alexanderplatz’s TV tower from the bedroom window reminds me that I am really here, and not just dreaming anymore.

At Darklands

I still haven’t fully recovered from the sleep deprivation caused by all the crazy partying I did in Berlin, but I’m slowly getting united with what was left behind on Thursday. Introducing here my new hooded Boris Bidjan Saberi cardigan which I, after taking a long view, acquired from my absolute favorite Berlin boutique, Darklands, on the day of our arrival. This pretty little number is made of bamboo and is so soft and comfortable that I spent the rest of my four day mini vacation literally living and almost sleeping in it. The only time I gave it a little rest was on Saturday, when the sun was beaming from a blue sky, making it too hot to even wear a shirt for that matter. So yes, our destiny is sealed, we are pretty much inseparable now and will stick together through thick and thin, until unraveling threads (I hope never) do us apart.

Hooded cardigan: Boris Bidjan Saberi
Tank top: Rick Owens
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Bag: Self-made
Rings: Kalevala Koru & custom made etc.

Dear diary

I went to Berlin and I… met up with some good old friends from the U.S., Finland and Sweden, made some new ones on the way, bought a Boris Bidjan Saberi cardigan which I wore pretty much all the time, pre-partied at a hotel that smelled like pickles, went to a cold wave night at the King Kong club, saw some weird art exhibitions, mingled at the opening party of Darklands 3.0, got lost in the metro, discovered Beck’s Green Lemon beer, attended the Berlin festival and experienced the most amazing performance by Fever Ray, went to Berghain at 4am in the morning, danced all night, took plenty of cheap cab rides, sent a gazillion text messages, missed every single breakfast at our hotel, ate the best veggie currywurst and burger yet at Yellow Sunshine, had a classy dinner with 20 people dressed in black (and it was not even anyone’s funeral), got into bar Tausend with an extremely strict door policy only to leave after 5 minutes realizing it was not our scene, bought a cool silver ring that looks like a space ship at an open air market, saw Willem Dafoe at the Tegel airport, had good pizza in Riga during our stop over, and finally got back home extremely tired to the rainy and cold Finland. Man, I wish I was still in Berlin.

12th picture by Richard Söderberg