Back from the grave

I have just woken from very long hibernation period, call it a writers block if you like, but here I am back from the grave and ready to blog again. It’s like one of those moments when you feel the first rays of the spring sun on your face, and suddenly everything seems possible. To start off, I share some pictures from my Easter trip to Belgium. I mainly hung out in Gent and and Antwerp, where every avant-garde fanatics must-see destination is of course the Ann Demeulemeester flagship store. That beautiful establishment alone called for a picture time.

Coat: Area di Barbara Bologna
Cardigan: Rick Owens
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Area di Barbara Bologna
Fingerless gloves: Lost & Found
Beanie: COS

Pictures by Dunja Seselja

  1. Mia said:

    Lovely, especially your cardigan falling out from under your jacket.

    I wish one day to visit Ann’s store!

  2. Kathy said:

    welcome back🙂
    And good timing, I’ve just rediscovered your blog after a time away from fashion blogs

  3. Shy said:

    Very nice and cool, keep up the bless works,

  4. Mick Mad said:

    Hi there hope all is well and good, I like to show you some of the garments what I make and see if we can start some works together unity is power,look forward to your replyShyan Steele07768979415

  5. ODYSSEY said:

    I like your blog; glad you are back. And your boots, ahhhh…🙂

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