1. Karo said:

    Hei! Hienoja kenkiä. Jos olisin itse sanut valita, olisin ottanut ne puolipitkät joissa oli vino vetoketju. Sen takia veikkaan, että otit myös sinä ne. Terveiset täältä sateisesta Tukholmasta!

  2. Hmmm…they’re all nice. The first pair, was it?

  3. Helen said:

    I love the way the zips twist around the fronts! Also love the first pair, but they don’t look like the most practical winter boots.

  4. Shoegazing… Love this!!! Simply love it…

    I’m betting it was the first pair, they are so You!

  5. evitanuh said:

    they all beautiful, but if I have to guess… the 1st one right?

  6. leeloo said:

    super bilder, alle schuhpaare sind gut, ich hätte mich schlecht entscheiden können!

  7. obscurealternatives said:

    That first pair of boots are killer!

  8. They are all so beautiful, I think the first pair are my favourites though, such a sucker for a chunky wedge!

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