Sculptured leather

New in my wardrobe: A sculpture-like Rick Owens leather jacket. It took me four years of lusting to actually pull the trigger and now I could not be happier. As if it was tailor made to fit my body, I’m enchanted by its material, color, seam work and shape. Is it wrong to love an inanimate object? I surely hope not because this one is a keeper. For years to come.

Leather jacket: Rick Owens
Long-sleeve: Julius
Skirt: Rick Owens Lilies
Boots: Guidi
Bag: Zam Barrett
Scarf: Peter Hahn
Beanie: COS

12 thoughts on “Sculptured leather

  1. Thank you everybody, I could not be more pleased with the Rick leather. 🙂 More pictures to come as the meter hits +16 this weekend, making it the perfect leather weather!

  2. So beautiful. I know I don’t have to tell you this (since you bought it), but it was so totally worth it. So classic, so stunning. it looks fantastic on you, and I love the way you styled it here.

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