Booted up

It was about time to dig these Rick Owens flap boots out of the archives of my closet. I have no idea why they have not got more wear, perhaps they are more suitable for the bizarre but laid-back clubs of Berlin than they ever were back home. Here no one looks at you like an alien, even though they could easily mistake me for one while wearing these bad boys.

Cape shirt: DRK SHDW
Skort: Rick Owens
Wedge pull-on flap boots: Rick Owens

15 thoughts on “Booted up

  1. I love those boots- I had them in milk at one point, but I decided to sell them and get the normal ankle-height black RO wedges. I wish I could have afforded to keep both, but the normal wedges are my favourite ankle boots now, so I can’t be too sad about it. I hope to get a black pair one day. They look great slouched down, easier to wear every day.

    1. Milk color in these sounds nice but probably quite hard to keep clean? I also love my regular Rick wedges because they are so damn comfy and easy to wear with anything really.

      If I ever decide to part from these flap boots, I will let you know. 🙂

      1. I actually never wore them. I brought them all the way back from Paris too! I just knew they wouldn’t get worn a lot due to the colour- keeping them clean and incorporating them into a black wardrobe. I’m a big fan of one colour (multi textures) head-to-toe, so my plan was an all milk outfit.

        1. Totally understandable! That is why I don’t have any light colored shoes, I am way too careless to keep them clean and yeah, incorporating them into an all black wardrobe is a bit difficult.l am also a fan of one color outfits, I like how you can play with the shapes and textures of the same color (or lack there of haha).

  2. I like your style so much! Boots are amazing :)) Where have you bought them? Do you know is there any boutiques in Finland where i can buy Rick Owens boots?

    1. Thank you so much! I know that Helsinki10 carries some Rick Owens boots in Finland and maybe is the only one too
      I bought mine online from a private person some time ago, if you look on ebay or some online shops, you might find them on discount at the moment. Good luck with the search!

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