Der Himmel über Berlin

Warmest welcome to the new blog address and greetings from Berlin! Things are finally starting to normalize here after a hectic moving week, though there is still lot to be done and my almost furniture-less apartment will probably take awhile to start looking like a home.

It still feels a bit unreal that I am actually living in Berlin and not just visiting, but each morning the view of Alexanderplatz’s TV tower from the bedroom window reminds me that I am really here, and not just dreaming anymore.

12 thoughts on “Der Himmel über Berlin

    1. A better question would be what doesn’t, because the list is short then. Haha. I love Berlin as a whole but I would say the atmosphere of the city is THE thing here, it’s so vibrant and rough at the same time.

  1. Oh my, what a view! I envy your courrage to leave everything behind and start a new chapter in your life. I wish I could do the same. I’m so fu***ng bored… 🙂

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