From 2012 to 1931

As fascinating as the Paris fashion week is, it’s always nice to take a little break and do something totally non-fashion related and outside of the regular tourist traps. This time around my friend Dirk and I conquered yet another Le Corbusier masterpiece, the magnificent Villa Savoye in the town of  Poissy, located in the outskirts of Paris. For our little trip, I wore an outfit that has stuck on me like a glue this summer due to it’s lightweight and comfortable nature; a Rick Owens Lilies long dress, DRK SHDWleggings (both purchases from Paris) paired with an OBSCUR cardigan, and my dearSILENT sandals featured in the previous post. All I can say that it was a great day in great company, despite the looks we got from the townsfolk when two black figures hiked to the hilltop of Poissy in the sizzling +30C heat. Totally worth it though.

On me:
Long dress: Rick Owens Lilies
Long cardigan with neck strap: OBSCUR
Leggings: DRK SHWD
Sandals/shoes: SILENT by Damir Doma
Bag: Self-made

7 thoughts on “From 2012 to 1931

  1. Lovely outfit as allways ❤ Jotenkin luulin edellisen postauksen perusteella sandaaleja korkeammiksi, mutta oikeastaan ne onkin hauskemmat noin matalina 🙂

    1. Kiitos, kiitos! ❤ Sandaalit ovat muutaman millin kantaa lukuunottamatta ihan lätyskät ja harvinaisen mukavat jalassa. Sisällä oleva nahka on ihan unelmanpehmeää. Nuo taitaa lähteä mukaan myös Flow:hun, jos ei siellä sada. Sandaaleilla kun jaksaa seistä ja kävellä vaikka kuuhun. 🙂

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