I am still going over the massive amount of pictures from my recent L.A. trip, and the task seems never ending, so bare with me. First I thought of making a picture diary type of post but soon realized that there are so many images, that I have to break them in to smaller sections. These pictures were taken in Venice during our last full day in California, after visiting one of the most interesting museums I have ever been in, the Museum of Jurassic Technology. To borrow my friend’s words, “it is the kind of place that if Rick Owens would put up a museum, it would end up looking something like this“. And after stepping into the place, we all knew why. If you are in town and want to experience something totally different and extraordinary, head there. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Leather jacket: Obscur
Long sleeve shirt: DRK SHDW
Leggins/sweat pants: Converse All Stars
Wedges: Rick Owens
Bag: Zam Barrett

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