California dreaming

I hate making promises that I’m unable to keep, but this time you can blame my yet again lengthy absence on a three week flu and the fact that I was getting ready for a little trip to the States. Right now I am residing in the sunny Southern California, and sitting in a room with a view of a mulberry tree and having the pleasure of occasional visits from humming birds and giant butterflies flying by. This was a break that was in high demand, though decision to come here was made rather spontaneously. Sometimes things work out better that way.

Here, I am wearing a new Ann Demeulemeester shirt which is half loose men’s fit and half structured women’s fit – just the perfect combination of masculine and feminine in my book. The bag is also a new purchase from an up and coming NYC designer called Zam Barrett, and I will give it a closer examination in a later post.  Tomorrow I’m heading to L.A. to see Zola Jesus and I could not be more excited. A picture report will probably end up in here.

Button-up shirt/tunic: Ann Demeulemeester
Leggings: Narciso Rodriguez for Lindex
Boots: Guidi
Bag: Zam Barrett
Ring: Kalevala Koru

Enjoy your weekend!

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