Lace up your boots

Hello there! I have no intentions of deserting this blog but my life has been very hectic lately: moving to a new place, making travel plans overseas, sorting out stuff for sale, and figuring out what to do with my future. Spring time always brings those thoughts of “must do something” to the surface, and fingers crossed, some big changes might be happening soon. Blog-wise. I’m pretty sure that in a few days, I will have some outfits to show again. So hold tight, folks.

In the meanwhile, do yourself a favor and listen to some Cult of Youth.

8 thoughts on “Lace up your boots

  1. When is the next post coming up? We want to see your spring looks (did you know that all-black look is very in this spring? ;D) I always think your clothes are so cool and it would be nice to hear from you again. 🙂 Take care! ❤

  2. It’s been so much time! Now I see that wasn’t just me.
    There’s been issues as to I wasn’t around. But I planning my comeback. hahaha
    I wanted to explain, but it would take forever.
    I missed you.

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