In the showroom: OBSCUR A/W 11/12

During the Paris men’s fashion week I had the chance to visit the showroom of OBSCUR, a Swedish label run by my good friend Richard Söderberg. His latest collection, inspired by the cold winters of Scandinavia, was presented in a beautiful old Paris building with gothic romantic surroundings, coherently complementing the mood of the collection. OBSCUR’s autumn/winter 2011/2012 consists of tailored winter coats, blazers with attached gloves, structured pants, distressed leather boots, and soft leathers which the label is most known for. Many beautiful pieces which I would not mind owning myself.

7 thoughts on “In the showroom: OBSCUR A/W 11/12

    1. Voi kiitos! 🙂 Obscurilla on kyllä mahtavia juttuja ensi talveksi, tämä mallisto on mun oma suosikki kaikista tähänastisista mallistoista. Richard on kehittynyt tosi paljon suunnittelijana, oon ylpeä mun Ruotsin pojusta. 🙂

  1. absolutely loving those elongated, formfitting leather coats. gloves are the perfect touch too – extension of narrow sleeves. obscur is on my “wanted” list from a long time.

    but, when available online?

    1. I love them too, the rumor has it that Richard will be designing women’s jackets in the future, we just have to wait and see. 🙂 The one I am wearing in the window picture is actually a special one he made for his gf, and it feels amazing..

      Obscur is actually available online on Darklands, INK, Layers London etc. if you want to check it out.

  2. This is great. I am moving to Denmark next year for 12 months and am really excited about seeing new styles and inspirations. I’m hoping it will be a big change from Australia! I love the idea of the attached gloves to the sleeves!

    Love x

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