Paris men’s fashion week: Julius F/W 2011/2012

Julius is one of those labels which I personally admire for the beautiful craftsmanship, innovative cuts and extraordinary durability; There aren’t too many designer houses who would test their garments as carefully in practice as the team lead by Julius’ head designer Tatsuro Horikawa. His lastest collection for fall/winter 11/12, simply named Halo;, was not a disappointment either: Inspired by the contrast of the violent chaos of New York and Hong Kong and a peaceful atmosphere of a French monastery, you could definitely see the strong urban and religious references present in Horikawa’s designs. “Halo;” featured cleverly cut leathers, knits, tailored coats, draped tops, and thick coats in soft browns, black, luminous white and even gold – creating a cohesive and harmonious collection for next winter.

3 thoughts on “Paris men’s fashion week: Julius F/W 2011/2012

    1. Julius makes some unisex clothing under the name Julius MA but there is no reason why women couldn’t wear the mainline garments as well. I have a long sleeve and a tank top from Julius (if I remember in size 1 and 2) and they work perfectly on me. Their size 1 is rather small, well, depending on the garment type of course. But in general, it’s not a problem for us women to wear men’s clothes, if the sizing goes down enough. I’m a prime example of that. 🙂

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