Just before dark

New York fashion week has never been my absolute favorite but this fall I had to applaud to one designer for making a wearable and solid collection to my liking, it being Narciso Rodriguez‘ S/S11. Hence, I was extremely honored to be invited to Helsinki for the opening party of his new collaboration collection with Lindex and to pick a few of my personal favorites from it.

I had previewed this collaboration which goes by the name “Pink Collection” (and is supporting the battle against breast cancer with 10% of the profit going to good cause) online and knew exactly the pieces I wanted to try on and take home with me. One of my choices was an elegant little black dress with pleated seams, a dress which can be easily worn from the day to night by just changing the accessories. My second pick were sturdy, pant like leggins which I’ve been desperately trying to seek from everywhere and finally with this opportunity, found the perfect pair. All and all, a pretty successful evening.

If you want to see the whole collection and take part in a gift card give away for this special collaboration, do visit the Pink Collection’s showroom pages!

Dress: Pink Collection by Narciso Rodriguez
Leggings: Pink Collection by Narciso Rodriguez
Leather jacket: Obscur
Wedge ankle boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Rings: Kalevala Koru and from Berlin

16 thoughts on “Just before dark

  1. heyy! mitä kuuluu?

    wauu onpa ihana mekko! haluuun sen ja sen jakun jos vielä löydän ne kun tuun ensi viikolla suomeen käymään!

    toivottavasti kuuluu hyvää, nähdään sit kun tuun pidemmäks aikaa käymään joohan?

    xxx sandra

    1. Hei!

      Oon ollut tosi kiireinen viime aikoina, siksi mua ei täällä blogin puolellakaan ole näkynyt. Nyt asiat alkaa onneksi pikkuhiljaa hellittää. 🙂 Kaikki siis hyvin!! Mites sulla? Menikö muutto kivasti?

      Tätä mekkoa saa myös Lindexin nettikaupasta, jos jostain syystä et enää sitä liikkeestä bongaa. Onneksi Helsingissä on kuitenkin aika monta Lindexiä.

      Meidän pitää ehdottomasti treffata, kun tulet taas pidemmäksi aikaa tänne! Ilmeisesti olet jouluksi tulossa? 🙂

  2. Love the dress! It looks so freakin awsome on you! I actually tried it on too, but I couldn’t decide did it look really good or somewhat odd on me, so I picked the simple boatneck tunic thing instead. 😛 After seeing you put it to such inspiring context, I might have to reconsider. x) Anyways, you and the whole outfit both look amazing. 🙂

    1. Me too and thank you so much!;) Since you are so petite, I think it might look better if you shortened it a little. For my height, it’s the perfect length, as it hides the knees but still doesn’t look too grannyish. 🙂 I checked out your tunic, it looks good on you. For me it would have been more like a shirt, and I just got a black long sleeve a few weeks ago. In fact, I’ve still got to show if here!

  3. Anna, upeita vaatteita, kelpais mullekki, just sopivan rönttysiä.oon lueskellu sun blogeja täällä Taidetalolla, mielenkiintoista ja osaat kirjoittaa. moikka t.saro

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