Let me take you to the heart of the city, let me misunderstand you

This blog has been on a well deserved break while the blogger and her photographer have been on a hectic summer holiday, including guests from California and traveling to Finnish Lapland.

Returning to the everyday life isn’t easy, especially when work is calling on Monday and summer is soon coming to its end. Hence, what better way to cheer up the mood than sharing some more of the fashion week pictures containing very soigné men, taken on a crazy night in the heart of Paris. The most discerning viewers might spot some familiar faces too.

Outside of club Chacha during the Paris men’s fashion week S/S11

13 thoughts on “Let me take you to the heart of the city, let me misunderstand you

  1. Hello Anna-Maria,

    Yes, I bought them from Mrs H as well. I bought them directly in the physical store and thereby met Mrs H herself. I asked about the loose heel but she didn’t seem to understand my case because she just mentioned something about my big toe. I think she just wanted me to buy them, and since it was the last pair I couldn’t resist. But I suppose it’s a good idea writing to them and do some slight complaint. We could at least try so Yes.

    Yeah, everbody is coming back from their vacation and so it’s time for fashion weeks, which means the end of boringsome. I can’t wait! I just started adjusting myself to autumn however and in a few weeks it’s all about summer. It’s so confusing, ha ha.

    xx !

    1. Niin on! Ja mukavia olivat kaikki (paitsi tuo yksi rokkarin poika, joka vähän vahingossa joutui kuvaan hahahha). Tuo ensimmäisen kuvan oikealla oleva mallipoika mallasi Rick Owensille ja käytiin pitkät keskustelut siitä, kuinka Owens on niin ystävällinen malleilleen ja kaikille muillekin ihmisille. Lisäsi meikäläisen arvostusta suunnittelijaa kohtaan entisestään. ❤

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