Winner of the Flow festival tickets! / Flow-festivaalien lippujen voittaja!

Firstly, thank you all for participating in the Flow festival competition! There were 314 of you fellow music lovers that took part in the competition! Using’s random number generator, the winner of the festival tickets is comment number 58 with the nick “veera” (comment left 21.7. at 6.04pm). I will be contacting the winner directly by email today. Congrats!!!

See you all at Flow!

4 thoughts on “Winner of the Flow festival tickets! / Flow-festivaalien lippujen voittaja!

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve got the same issue with mine more or less. It’s too bad because I really love them so I’d just kind of accept them as they are. I was sort of convincing myself in the beginning that they would eventually fit perfectly but no, they won’t. It’s more like my heel is slipping but that is presumably just because, as you said, the straps are lose. I remember I had doubts in the store about buying them just for that reason but now I think they’re supposed to be that way.

    I must say that you’re blog is amazing so I’m very glad that you contacted me so I got to find you! You’re very inspiring and so is your style. Then I can’t post this comment without mentioning your friend named Arash. You see I saw him in Stockholm during fashion week in february and I can remember how I thought that he was just such a “Rick Owens guy”, and the same day I saw him on Stockholm Streetstyle realizing that he actually was wearing Rick Owens, so I couldn’t not blog about him: And then I saw him here. Ha ha, just thought is was quite funny and what are the odds really.

    And again, you’re great. Well, that’s all I think.


    1. Thanks for replying to me and it’s nice to hear that I’m not alone with the problem. đŸ™‚ Oh and indeed, that’s the same Arash! Such a small world (or Stockholm), huh? I’ll give you a more detailed reply on your blog.

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