Paris men’s fashion week: Juun.J S/S 2011

You know that it’s fashion week in Paris when despite the +30 Celsius heat, almost everyone is dressed in black. Buyers, journalists, and other fashionable folks are crowding outside the fashion shows, fanning themselves with the invitations whilst cameras are flashing as the street style photographers are on the hunt down for interesting looks.

When the doors finally open, the most important buyers get to go first, followed by the major  journalists and photographers, celebs and finally the rest. Usually the fashion shows start (fashionably) late, so until you hear the camera men screaming “let’s start the show”, everybody is still trying to figure out their seat and air kisses to their acquaintances.

All of a sudden the crowd calms down, music starts and the handsome models begin strutting down the catwalk. In about ten minutes the show is over, the designer has bowed to the audience, everyone rushes outside, and the camera rumba starts all over again. That’s  pretty much a fashion show in a nutshell for you guys.

My boyfriend Peter and I were able to attend a few shows, starting with the Korean designer Juun.J., who was showing his fourth summer collection in Paris. I personally liked the dressed-up desert look which also had a hint of Twin Peaks in the mix with the lumberjack coats, motorcycle jackets and trenches (though I’m not quite sure agent Cooper would approve of this). All and all it was a good first show and an excellent start for our busy Paris men’s fashion week experience. More  of the shows to come later!

My boys Arash and Peter outside of Juun.J.

Juun.J. Spring/Summer 2011
Street style in Paris men’s fashion week, June 2010

More images of the collection at Fashionisto.

4 thoughts on “Paris men’s fashion week: Juun.J S/S 2011

    1. Cool! I checked out their blog and it looks quite interesting. 🙂

      I was pictured to a few sites too but I have no idea what they were. If anyone happens to know any Paris street style sites where I could find my pics, I would appreciate it! 🙂

  1. i understand about the black thing.. its around 37 celcius all year round in indonesia.. and women have their whole body totally covered (sometimes all black sometimes not..)

    ps . what lens + camera do u use to take ur pics ?

    1. I don’t think I could bare +37 celcius heat to be honest. Well, I once did in Arizona but I had to lay in the Lake Havasu the whole time hehe. It must be tough to dress up the way you want to over there but you manage to look impeccable despite the heat. Major props to you!:)

      My camera body is Canon EOS 500D and I shoot with a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens. I love it!

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