Chain mail

A couple of days ago the postman brought me a pleasant mail which came in the form of black leather and steel chains. The reason for this new venture in my wardrobe is that in our summer party, we all got a gift card to the gTie boutique, and after spending hours admiring the shop’s many offerings, I decided to go with the Spaideri shoulder chain. When I finally got to try the piece on, I knew I had made the right choice: This little thing shall spicen up any outfit and will provide a simple solution to those days when necklaces and bracelets seem too much. It’s just what I needed!

If you also fancy heavy weight jewelry and accessories, do check out the gTie web store or visit the physical boutique in Helsinki, Finland on Pursimiehenkatu 11. gTie delivers internationally and the designer Jenni also does custom made pieces, in case you’re looking for something more specific.

Shoulder chain: gTie
Silk top: Ann Demeulemeester
Bustier: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

20 thoughts on “Chain mail

      1. Sorry for not answering sooner! It’s made out of steel and it comes in black too. I think you can also get a white or red leather on the strap, if you want. 🙂

    1. Yeah, we were quite lucky to get so many great things in the party. Especially when they’re something I have been lusting after for a long time. 🙂

  1. Loistovalinta! Mulla on sama mustana, toimii loistavasti just silloin kun haluaa pitää ranteet paljaina ja kaulassa on huivi tai pääntie johon korut eivät sovi.

    1. Just näin!:) Muistelin, että olisin nähnyt sulla tän myös teräksen värisenä silloin Tampereen Klubilla, mutta ehkä baarin pimeydessä näin väärin. Mietin kovasti, että otanko mustan vai hopeisen ja päädyin lopulta sitten tähän, koska se sopii paremmin mun muiden asusteiden kanssa. Ehkä pitää hankkia vielä se mustakin jossain vaiheessa tai sitten toinen samanlainen, niin voi pistää molempiin olkavarsiin yhden. Olis aika makee viritelmä esim. jonkun jakun kanssa (tosin jakkuun sopisi mainiosti myös ne Friday-irttarit). 😉

      1. Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking also whether to get the black one or this one. I guess since most of my accessories are silver I thought it would match better with them..Plus if I want to wear this with black long sleeves, the steel color will pop out more. 🙂 You should totally get the black one, it would look great on you!

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