Hunting for witches

I don’t know how it’s with the other bloggers but it’s not very often that my beloved photographer actually wants to take my pictures, and usually the process requires a long  persuasion and generous bribing to get the job done. So when he says  “today your outfit is looking so good that I don’t even mind taking the pictures”, I must have done something right. Even though a kid in a stroller had yelled “mom, is that a witch?” when I walked passed him. I chose to ignore the incident with amusement, and marked this day down as a huge progress in our photographer-subject relationship instead. This really might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or maybe I just need to keep the boyfriend approved outfits coming. Either way is fine with me.

Cape shirt with face: DRK SHDW
Beige tank top: Storemade by Weekday (gift)
Harem shorts: Affordable Luxury by Ewa Larsson (Lindex)
Wedge ankle boots: Rick Owens
Bag: Lumi
Hat: Fashion Against AIDS by H&M
Rings: Kalevala koru, custom made etc.

39 thoughts on “Hunting for witches

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I’m so in love with the Lumi bag that I want to take it everywhere I go nowadays. 😉
      Good to know that I’m not alone with the bf problem hahahhahaa.

    1. Thanks! I really like the combination too and especially now that my legs are milky white, the black tights are in order. I don’t mind though because it looks good like that!;) No problem, can’t wait to see how your interpretation will turn out like!:)

  1. My boyfriend is the exact same way. He’ll take my photos whenever I ask him, but it’s definitely not his favorite thing to do.

    And hey, I’ve always thought of witches as a mixture of intimidating and beautiful, so that’s a compliment!

    I like the black crop top over the beige shirt!

    1. So we are on the same boat here. 🙂 My boyfriend will do it as well but usually I have to bribe him with something good like food or ice cream haha. I wish I could hire a photographer so I woudn’t have to bother him all the time plus I think my blog would be updating more often. It’s funny because I don’t mind taking his picture (or other people’s pictures) at all. It should be the other way! 🙂

      Witches are cool, so I don’t mind the confusion. 😉 I just thought it was cute and funny, kids are so unpredictable and all.


    1. Kannattaa käydä pikaisesti hakemassa pois ennen kuin loppuvat. Nämä ovat ihanan rennot kesähousut ja juuri sopivan kapeat, ettei levennä lantiotakaan liiaksi (mitä useat haaremit tekee). 🙂

  2. Kamala hattukuume iski, hei noitahan on vielä nettisivuilla jäljellä! Tosi kauniin mallinen 🙂 Ja yritän nyt taas koittaa unohtaa, että en osaa pitää ehkä opettelen kun ne noin hyviltä muillakin näyttää.

    1. Toi on kyllä tosi kiva hattu! Olen etsinyt kuumeisesti tuon tyylistä ja vihdoin tuli oikea kohdalle. Harmillista vaan, että ne kiskovat netissä siitä kolme kertaa enemmäin kuin itse liikkeessä, mutta villaiseksi hatuksi tuo on silti aika edullinen. Suosittelen!:)

      1. Nyt tiedän mitkä fiilikset tästä asusta tuli mieleen ; amish country meets owens, heh. Kiilakorot on kyllä top, onneksi niitä voi pitää aika pitkän kauden vuodessa.

        1. Haha todellakin! Ilmeisesi tuo hattu tekee sen, koska mulle joku muukin sanoi, että näytän ihan amishilta tuossa pari entryä sitten nähdyssä asussa (pitkä hame + hattu). Mut en otan tämän kommentin kehuna, koska niiden asuthan on historiallisia ja muoti kiertää kuitenkin rataa. Demeulemeesterilläkin on ollut monesti hieman amish-vibaa kokoelmissaan.

          Owensin wedget on kyllä maanmainiot, koska ne on niin monikäyttöiset. Asensin niihin myös kumiset talvipohjat suutarissa, niin ei pitäisi liukua lumillakaan. 🙂 Luulen, että meidän yhteinen taival tulee olemaan pitkä. 😉

  3. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. Dear, you know what? I NEED these photos on HYPEED!!

    Let me explain:

    I’m fashion Editor at (an online fashion magazine where members are the models!) and I’ve just launched a call for contributions called “Summer Essentials: You can Leave you Hat On”. Seriously, your pics would be awesome in that feature!

    Hope you’ll join us on HYPEED, because your photos and your outfits are totally what we’re looking for!


        1. No problem!:) I didn’t know if I was supposed to leave a longer description of the outfit but I can do it you guys choose me for the magazine. 🙂

  5. haha, I love this anecdote about getting your boyfriend to photograph you! So honest. I almost never bother to ask anyone to take outfit shots of me because I’d be embarrassed if they came out badly. But it seems like you’ve got quite the system worked out.. You look flawless in all of these shots btw.

    1. Awws thank you!:) I think a lot of bloggers share the same problem, luckily I can bribe my boyfriend to take my pictures and so far they have turned out pretty decent. He has developed as a photograpther a lot, though I’m still the one who does the manual work with the camera settings. It sucks because I enjoy taking portrait pictures and would love to take blog pictures for other people. Too bad my boyfriend just wants to photograph buldings and such rather than me hahahahha.

      Don’t worry, your photos are always so amazing! 🙂

    1. Kiitos, kiitos! Rakastan viittoja ja tämä Owensin viittapaita löytyi Tukholman JUS:n sample-rekistä murto-osalla alkuperäisestä hinnasta; pakkohan se oli ottaa mukaan! Hatut ovat aina olleet mun heikkous, mutta en ole koskaan löytänyt sopivaa. Tämä on täydellinen! Poikaystävä pölli mun rakkaan bowler-hatun, mutta onneksi meillä molemmilla on vihdoin omat hatut!:)

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