Broken record

It’s hard to believe that today it was actually possible to go outside without a jacket or a sweater, and enjoy the first ice cream (Italian of course!) of the season in the great outdoors. I guess you can officially say that summer is coming.

The temperature rise has left me kind of clueless when it comes to dressing-up; adjusting your wardrobe to a sudden heat wave is a bit of burden for layer lover like me. Luckily, I had been far-sighted and purchased this black Nakkna dress from my Stockholm trip a few weeks ago, thinking it would be perfect little dress for those hot summer days. Little did I know that it would be needed much faster than anyone could imagine.

Today also stands significant for me because I got the well deserved break from wearing any type of drop-crotch pants and at the same time finally changed this broken record of mine. So, summer and dresses, I’m ready for you! Are you ready for me?

Dress: Nakkna
Top: Selected Femme
Cycling shorts: MTWTFSS
Wedge boots: Rick Owens
Scarf bag: Silent by Damir Doma
Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Rings: Kalevala Koru, custom made nail ring & gifts

15 thoughts on “Broken record

    1. Thank you, thank you. 🙂 In my mind it just looks so darn good on you! But you know, I hadn’t given it wear after the Indiedays launch and inspired by your post I dug it out again and wore it with tapered jeans and my Owens wedges the other day. I’m in love with it again, so thank you. 🙂

  1. oohh… were did you buy the doma bag?? the whole collection was amazingg…. You look lovely 🙂

    It’s winter again in london.. you have it warmer i swear 🙂

    xx sandra

    1. Yeah it was! I got it from a Spanish webstore for my boyfriend but I stole it back hah. He has been eyeing on it for awhile now, so we decided to give it ago as I was ordering something else for myself. It’s super comfy on the shoulder, almost like one of those baby carrying bags hahaha (not that I have experience). 🙂

      It’s been crazy hot here in Finland, +26 for the past two days. I still can’t believe it and I don’t know how to dress for it. But you know, I kind of miss that proper spring when it’s like +15, not too cold and not too hot and you get to layer. We didn’t get that this year at all. Now it just jumped from +4 to +26 in a day, seriously, what’s going on with the weather? 😀 I heard that Paris was super cold, and now London? So strange!

  2. You’ve managed very well with taking off layers (well they are used exactly for that, aren’t they apart from being darn fashionable).

    1. Awws, thanks! 🙂 You’re so right.. Now I’m trying to figure out ways to wear layers in the +26 Celcius heat hahaha! 😉 It’s extremely hard..

  3. Voihannnn taas kun näyttää hyvältä 🙂 Mulla on ollut pieni kriisi tän yhtäkkisen lämpimän vuoksi kun tuntuu ettei osaa pukeutua mitenkään. Nuo pyöräilyshortsit tekee paljon tossa asussa, sopii hyvin.

    1. Samma här! Ei sitä millään tajua, että tuolla ulkona on oikeasti jo +26! Mulla tulee koko ajan hiki, mutta en nyt ihan millään rantsuvermeilläkään viitsisi mennä ihmisten ilmoille, joten kärsitään. Onhan sentään vasta toukokuu. Samoin jalat on vielä niin maidonvalkoiset, etten uskalla ilman mustia sukkiksia astua ulos ollenkaan. Kauhea valitus, vaikka tästähän pitäisi nyt nauttia, mutkun tää tuli ihan liian nopeasti! 😛

  4. So your predictions were right, and the temperature increased. Here too. Maybe Sao Paulo is following Tampere in it’s own way. haha

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