Dance classics

A few weeks ago I was asked to model for a poster of a new club night and since I’m always up for new things, I decided to give it ago. Here are some shots from that photo shoot session, shot by the talented Klaus Elfving from the Plauge DJ collective. I’m totally loving the whole 70’s vibe mixed with my modern clothes which pretty much sums up the name of the club, Dance Classics.

If you happen to be in Tampere on Saturday the 24th of April, you should totally come to Yo-talo for the Dance Classics night with good music and people. See you there!

Button-up shirt with  a bow: MTWTFSS
Leather shorts: Vintage
Rings: Custom made and eBay

39 thoughts on “Dance classics

  1. Yay, I’ll be there, tottakai! (Etkot teillä?)

    Tunnen Klausin lukioajoilta, en tiennytkään että hän ottaa näin hyviä kuviakin.

    Ps. voisitte joskus tulla käymään meillä, tutustumaan Cocoon 🙂

    1. Jee! Voishan meillä etkoilla! Laitan vaikka viestiä sulle. Huomenna olis muuten Dorkassa Hang the Dj, sinnekin olemme menossa. Pääsetkö sinne?
      Oo, Cocoa on kyllä pakko tulla moikkaamaan, ehkä se toisi lievitystä tähän mun kovaan koirakuumeeseen (tai sitten pahentaa vaan tilannetta hehhehe). 😉

      1. Mä oon valitettavasti huomenna töissä kahteentoista, joten voi olla että ei ole kauhean bilefiilis enää kun pääsee =/ Lisäksi mun rahatilanne on kyllä aika huono… Joten ei, olen vahva ja vastustan kiusausta tällä kertaa. 😀

  2. Upeita kuvia! Harmi, ettei tule tuolloin oltua maisemissa, olen käynyt elämäni aikana vain kerran yo-talolla, mutta se jätti lähtemättömän vaikutuksen 🙂

    1. I know!!! It’s so weird when you’re in the shoot, what surrounds you doesn’t look anything like that. I wasn’t in the dark or anything, yet it looks like I was. It’s the beauty of photography. 😉

  3. looks good, sounds good… i prolly should consider taking a trip up north [sic!] at some point since it seems there’s plenty of interesting stuff going on.

    those of you who are in turku next weekend, pop by blanko on friday to listen to my set of dance classics…

    1. Thank you, thank you!;) Oh I love trying everything new, one of my mottos is that you should at least try everything once before judging, and it has worked out pretty well. This was a fun shoot to do. 🙂

  4. Wow I’m loving these! The first especially, but they’re all awesome. I’m sure that’s been such a cool experience for you 🙂

  5. Loving the play of colour on the white shirt in the last photo. You look beautiful, although it’s not the usual Rick-Owensy you, still really nice.

    1. Thanks Shini!:) I’m a huge fan of Givenchy and if you would see the bottom half, then you would say it’s totally me hehe. I was wearing leather shorts, knee-high socks and a pair of platform wedges but unfortunately they don’t show in the picture. 😉

  6. AH, after a loooooong time since the first FF banner ever now u show yr ultra amazing face – u have such a porcelain doll skin, it really is smooth. I envy you and your wardrobe full of drape drape love as usual. 🙂

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