Winning a battle, losing the war

Some might call me crazy or stupid but what can you do when your friends are demanding you to go out on a Saturday night, despite my efforts of telling them “I got a flu guys, I don’t think I should go”.  In fact, they just offered me more French apple cider and said that “you know, apples should keep the doctor away”. Well, I didn’t get worse but I didn’t get better either. Plus minus zero situation, at least I had fun.

I notice now that Saturday’s outfit pictures are actually missing a cardigan which I kept on all night; I’m happy something was telling me to listen to the more rational side of my brain. I also thought I’d keep the jewelry minimal and use a safetypin with some chain to lock the vest in place. It looks pretty nifty, huh?

I’m really hoping to get over my sickness by Saturday because one of my favorite girls is turning 22 and I really want to be there. Plus it would be the perfect occasion to introduce my new purchases in action. Wish me well!

Silk top: Ann Demeulemeester
The Great Blazer Bra: Lindex
Vest: Zara
Leather shorts: Second hand
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Boot straps: eBay
Wool tights: COS

13 thoughts on “Winning a battle, losing the war

    1. Definitely! I love these shorts, I can’t believe my luck of finding such a good pair of second hand leather shorts. They are really one of my favorite items right now. 🙂 Perfect for both winter and summer. Thanks, I’ll try!

  1. Oo, nahkasortsit ❤ ja asu on muutenkin taas upea! Minkälainen aluspaita sulla on tuon silkkipaidan alla vai oletko löytänyt jostain noin peittävät rintaliivit?

    1. Kiitos kovasti! Lisäsin nyt tuohon asukuvaukseen ne rintsikat eli ne ovat Lindexin Great Blazer Bra:t. Ihan parhaat toppien alla, koska toimivat enemmänkin napatoppina. Suosittelen!

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