My make-up routines

I get a lot of comments and questions about my make-up routines, so I thought I’d let you get in on my beauty secrets once and for all. Not so many people know it but I actually really enjoy doing make-up and if I had more time in front of the mirror in the mornings, I would probably try different looks everyday. My friends in high school always told me I should have gone to the beauty business (I used to do their party or school dance make-up back in the day) but since life didn’t point me to that direction, nowadays I just put my artistic skills to my own make-up, my face being the canvas of these creations. Basically my “rule” is not to leave the house without at least a simple make-up which is usually constructed from the following elements.


A good make-up starts with a good base. Since I have a dry and sensitive skin, for years I have used Max Factor’s Panstik as my foundation. However, a few months ago I decided to switch to mineral make-up and after hours and hours of reading reviews online, I found the Everyday Minerals to be the best value for the money. I love how natural the mineral make-up makes you skin look and the fact that you don’t have to use a separate powder to seal the foundation into your skin. The products are also talcum and allergy free, so they don’t cause any irritation or dryness to the skin. One more good thing about mineral make-up is that you can add more of it throughout the day, without the make-up looking cakey or overly done. For foundation I use the Intensive Base in shade “Olive Fair” and  for concealing, the Multi-intensive concealer. If you are unsure about the right base color, I recommend getting the samples before ordering the real deal. You can also contact their customer support which I found very helpful and friendly source.

For dark circles around the eyes and other skin discolorations, I’ve noticed that Dermablend is the only product that truly works. I can highly recommend it, as it covers so thoroughly and lasts for ages.


I tend to give a lot of extra color to my eyebrows and I do it by blending the shades of the Make-up Store’s Tri Brow Color. I used to do my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil from Lumene but figured out that the brow color gives a much more softer look. The Tri Brow Color is also a very long lasting product and the tones of brown are cold enough to make your brows look natural.


I’ve been really stuck on wearing metallic browns mixed with black around my eyes because it accentuates the green eye color and my lightly olive toned skin. Therefore I’m a bit worried that my special edition Elizabeth Arden trio eye-shadow is going to run out soon, as it has really been my best friend for the past year. During weekdays I wear the more of the bronze brown eyeshadow from the palette, and when going out, I add more of the darker brown to the mix (like in the pictures).  For defining my eyes, I swear by Rimmel’s Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (the best one out there!) and Max Factor’s False Lash Effect mascara because it makes my lashes appear longer and thicker.


Blush is an important part of make-up to define your cheek bones and give a perky tone to your face. My favorite blush has been Maybelline’s Expert Wear Blush, shade “Peach” (not included in the first picture because I just ran out of it) and for defining  my facial features  I use MAC‘s sun powder (sent to me by the MAC representatives) called Mineralize Skinfinish, shade “Sunny by nature”. I use the latter also lightly all over my face to give it extra shimmer and a healthier look during the winter months.


I have a few shades of lipstick that I switch according to the mood of my outfits. My ultimate favorite is YSL’s Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick, shade #1 “Red Strass” which is the reddest red and provides not only shine but also moisture throughout the day. I love it because it goes with pretty much everything I wear and the case works as as mini-mirror. Lately I’ve also sported an orangeish lipstick shade called “Mango Diamond” from Maybelline’s Watershine collection (I’m wearing it in the pictures) and a plum colored lipstick shade called “Soft Pause” from MAC. On regular days when I don’t have to go anywhere, I just wear any supermarket bought chap stick to provide extra moisture for my lips.

So, there you have it and I hope this post answered most of your questions. The basic make-up routine takes me about 15-20 minutes and if I go out, about 30 minutes is needed to finish the look. Naturally a good make-up needs a good moisturizing as preparative work but more about that and my other skin care routines some other time.

27 thoughts on “My make-up routines

  1. No wonder why you look always perfect! My daily make-up routine includes only foundation and mascara.. I should learn a lot from you. 🙂

    1. Hehhehe.. There are days when I just use the Dermablend for eyes and blemishes, eyebrow color, mascara and that’s it but I only do it if I’m going to grocery store or something like that. I really recommend the Everyday Minerals, the price is good and they are so easy to use (best kabuki brush too!). Mineral make-up requires a bit of practice but I got the hang of it almost immediately. 🙂

  2. Oh you beauty! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really like it! I just wonder, you’re finnish so how did you come up with the idea of writing in english? I think it’s wonderful how good your english is and I wish i could do the same.. 🙂

    1. Awwws, thanks!:) About 40% of my readers are non-Finns, so it was kind of “a mandatory” switch from Finnish to English (I used to have a blog called Pikkumusta in Finnish) a few years back. I also speak English everyday at home and at work (my bf is from the U.S. and I work in an international company), so writing in English comes quite natural for me. 😉

  3. I got very interested in Everyday Minerals. Do you know, if they can be purchased somewhere else than their own webshop? Shipping was quite expensive. Thanks for info! 🙂
    ps. You are a real beauty! 🙂

    1. I bought my make-up directly from the Everyday Minerals website and the shipping charges were not too bad. An order including the base, concealer, kabuki brush, concealer brush and some eye shadow samples cost only about 38 dollars with shipping. The more you buy the more you get discount from them, so basically the shipping might be “free” in the end. 🙂 If you order less than 45 euros worth of goods (including shipping charges), it won’t get stuck in the customs (here in EU). My first order came in about a week, and second order took about 1.5-2 weeks but it was well worth the wait!:) You won’t get make-up like this in Finland and with such a good price!;)

        1. Thank you, I didn’t realize that discount at all. Well, I also found another mineral makeup brand: Lily Lolo and decided to give it a try. We’ll see, how it turns out! 🙂 Hopes are high. 🙂

          1. It’s actually hard to realize it beforhand because they calculate the discount at the end. 😉 I did some comparisons when I was looking for a good mineral foundation and found out that Everyday Minerals was a bit better than Lily Lolo (at least for my sensitive and dry skin type). But you know, it doesn’t hurt to try them out, maybe it’s a perfect match for your skin. 🙂 If they don’t turn out that great, there is always Everday Minerals you can turn to. 🙂

  4. You do look always so amazing and fresh! Now you make me wanna go back to reasearch those mineral powder foundations… I ordered some samples from Lily Lolo and it was so messy, I had the powder everywhere in my clothes and hair and also the kabuki was such a piece of carbage I had black hair all over my face. Can you imagine the disaster x) Maybe I should give it another go with better tools atleast…

    1. Thank you so much!:) I don’t have experience with Lily Lolo but Everyday Minerals products are really great! Their kabuki brush is the best one out there, it’s like dreamy soft. I think with mineral make-up the key is to not put too much of it on the brush at once, otherwise it will just fly everywhere. 😛 I can highly recommend Everyday Minerals and giving proper mineral make-up a second chance. 😉

  5. Upea nainen :)! MF:n false effect on vaan paras ripsari, tosin olen kuullut niiden uudemmasta mallistakin suitsutuksia, mutta en tiedä, haluanko vaihtaa tuota ripsarimallia uudempaan 🙂 Ja mineraalimeikki on vaan parasta, rakastan itsekin sen luonnollista lopputulosta, johon en millään muulla meikkivoiteella ole koskaan päässyt sekä se pysyy ihmeen hyvänä melkein koko päivän! Mutta mun täytyisi nyt kyllä hankkia aivan uusi sävy, sillä vanha sävy ei valitettavasti toimi uusien hiuksien kanssa.

    1. Kiitos, kiitos! Olette te ihania! Mä ihan punastun täällä…

      False Effect rulaa, todellakin. Mikään ei erottele ripsiä yhtä hyvin ja tee niistä niin paksuja ja pitkiä. Uutta vois kokeilla, jos se on joskus tarjouksessa, muuten en vaihda hyvästä pois. 😉 Voin uskoa, että hiukset tekee heti sävyeroa ihoon, blondin hiusvärin kanssa meikki saattaa olla helposti liian punainen. Joku oliiviin vivahtava meikkisävy vois toimia aika hyvin…

  6. Moikka!

    haha oot hassu, nauroin vähän kun luin sun kommentin… oon ihan samanlainen… kun näkee jotain ihanaa niin oon nanosekunnissa ebayssä tarkistamassa! 🙂 sun naula sormus oli aivan mielettömän upea!!!!!

    hei pakko kertoa että henry holland thightsit on tullu uudestaan myynittin!!!!!!

    näin topshopissa ja ostin niitä joku sata… ups.. mut ne näyttää olevan loppu netisä.. joten jos et löydä niin voin lähettää sulle parin… 🙂 puss puss

    1. Moi!

      Heh, joo näin on. 😉 Varsinkin kun asut siellä Lontoossa ja saat kaikkea ihanaa käsiisi mistä täällä Suomessa voi vaan unelmoida. Mut kiitos kovasti sormuskehuista, jokus muotifoorumeilla pyörivästä miehestäkin on hyötyä. 😉

      Ooo, jos vaan viitsit käydä ostamassa mulle parin niitä Hollandseja, niin voin laittaa vaikka tilisiirtona tulemaan! Mustia siis metsästän ja olen 168cm pitkä (miten ne mitat menee?). Tilasin yhden ylipolvensukat mytightsista, mutta noi sukkahousut olis huomattavasti kätevämmät kuin sukkanauhojen kanssa pelleily! Kiitos, olet ihana!:)

  7. Oh goodness, I always wondered how flawless your makeup was and I see why, you really take time into finding makeup that’s suitable for your skin! I have dry/sensitive skin too but I’m a total No0b when it comes to makeup so I always end up buying something not for me… thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Thanks and no problem!:) Heh, yeah I take my time comparing my options, I guess it’s because I’m a Libra. 😉 If you got dry and sensitive skin like I do (I have the atopic skin type, so it’s the worst), Everyday Minerals works really well. It’s natural and no added toxic stuff like the regular make-up has. Also remember to moisturize your skin really well, whatever make-up you use. 🙂 I’m going to do a separate post about skin care sometime soon, so I can let you know what products I use to maintain the right moisture levels. 😉

  8. Kiitos paljon vinkeistä! Olen etsinyt epätoivoisesti omalle, erittäin vaalealle iholleni sopivaa meikkivoidetta. Pistin heti näytepakkaustilauksen menemään.

    1. Ollos hyvä vaan!:) Everyday Mineralsilta löytyy todellakin vaalealle sävylle sopivia meikkivoiteita (base) ja peittoa saa pyörittelemällä useamman kerroksen sitä kasvoille. Siellä on myös aika hyvät ohjeet siitä, että mikä värisävy sopii millekin ihotyypille (onko lämmin vai kylmä sävy jne). Mulle tuo olive fair oli paras, koska ruskettuessa ihostani tulee oliiviin vivahtava, mutta kasvoni ovat silti tosi vaaleat (en juurikaan rusketa niitä). Toivottavasti niistä näytepakkauksista löytyy joku sopiva sävy. 🙂 Suosittelen myös tuota tilamaani concealeria, se sopii vaalealle iholle ja itse käytän sitä välillä ihan pelkästään (t-alueelle), jos haluan hieman vähemmän meikkiä kasvoille. Kabuki-harja kannattaa tilata myös, se on ehdoton meikin levitykseen (pyörittävin liikkein). Jos tavitset lisäneuvoja, niin mulle voi laittaa vaikka meiliä.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been a follower of our blog for awhile now and I love it!:)

      Finland is a lot like Sweden but with some Russian influences in the buildings etc. Helsinki is great and I also love my hometown Tampere because we have the best nightlife/music scene and parks in the whole Finland. 😉 For shopping I would go to Helsinki though. If you ever come here, holla at me, and I can be your tour guide. 😉

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