Nailed it!

I might have created a slight obsession with rings… I’m saying slight because I don’t want to admit myself that purchasing two rings within a month, might have gone a bit out of hand. But when an opportunity like this comes by, you have to act fast. With the help of the handsome half of our household, I got this custom made silver nail ring in the post about a week ago and it hasn’t left my right index finger since. It’s raw yet simple look appeals to me, definitely love at first sight. Mixed with the rest of my ring crew, this one is a perfect match.

Nail ring: custom made

13 thoughts on “Nailed it!

    1. Yeah I know, that one is really nice as well! Seems like a lot of designers have come up with the nail ring. If you are interested in this custom made one, you can email me and I’ll tell you more. 🙂

  1. this is really cool! i took a jewelry making class a few years ago ..but wasn’t that good at it and the equipment kind of freaked me out haha, but this is great!


  2. Ihanan kekseliäs! Ja mitennii sormuksia voi kellään olla liikaa??? Toi ei missään nimessä pidä paikkaansa. Ja aina silloin tällöin pitää saada uus perheenjäsen omiin sormuskokoelmiin 🙂

    1. I have, actually! 😉 They sell them at this Finnish designer shop that’s on my street (called Super Mukava). I think a Finnish girl who makes them. 🙂

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