Take me out tonight, where there is music and there is people who are young and alive

Last weekend was so much fun and went by way too fast; it was nice meeting up with some of my older friends and making new ones. It’s a pity I didn’t manage to take any pictures from our stylish guests but I guess when you’re having a good time until the early hours of the morning, camera just might be the last thing to think about. Well, there is always next time…

When it comes to fashion, my mind seems to work on an unconscious level: Whilst constructing my outfit for Saturday, I happened to glimpse the Julius fall/winter collection and saw this outfit in the bunch (photo courtesy of the Fashionisto). Now, I have worn this very same outfit even before seeing the Julius collection but with the leather glove, it looks almost identical. It’s no wonder because I always tend to fall in love with collections where  the most elements are already part of my wardrobe – clothes, that don’t necessarily redefine my style each season but rather strengthen it.

This reminds me, I have tapered cargo pants hidden somewhere in the attic. Perhaps it’s about time to let them see the light of day…

Shoulder padded vest: COS
Silk top: Ann Demeulemeester
Faux leather pants: H&M
Sheer dress: MTWTFSS
Boots: Rick Owens
Fingerless leather glove: Global Accessories
Ring: Kalevala Koru

26 thoughts on “Take me out tonight, where there is music and there is people who are young and alive

  1. I agree on “clothes, that don’t necessarily redefine my style each season but rather strengthen it.” 😛 This is what I would like my style to be, and what it hopefully is.

    You look fab, as always!

    1. Thank you!:) Yeah, it’s a good fashion philosophy to have, this way you don’t always have to get something new just because it’s “in” at the moment and that, if anything, is not only smart but very ecological as well. 😉

    1. Thanks! I can’t wait that the all the snow melts and makes it easier to walk in them. 🙂 They are too valuable to spoil in the wet snow right now. 😀 I risked them on Saturday but decided that the next time won’t be until the ground is clear hehe.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 They seem to work best with leather pants, almost as if they would be one. I just bought a fresh pair of real leather pants with this matte kind of wrinkled leather, can’t wait to wear them with my boots!

  2. ahhh this looks so good. simple but cool… love love the rick’s! still can’t get over them! I’m now in finland over the weekend and will try to enjoy the snow! ( and i might have to check stocka for the gloves…. 🙂 ) let me know when you get the ring! take care xxx

    1. I love to keep it simple and then add something crazy in the mix like the boots and the sheer dress. 🙂 I hope you have a good time here in Finland and get your snow quota filled during your stay hhehe (I’m sure you will). I will definitely let you know when the ring arrives, and link your blog when I post about it!

      Those gloves are a must have, they’re my new favorites and I’ve been wearing them all the time since the weather finally allows it. Yay!

  3. although i usually have a slight problem with wearing only one piece of a pair when it comes to accessories, you actually pull this off rather nicely. looks complete and not constructed (in the less appealing sense of the term), yes love it.

    and as far as your fashion philosophy goes, i agree.

    1. I hear ya, balance is the key to everything (although I love one hand decorations if it’s done well, take Kate Lanphear’s magnificent pile of wrist candy for example) but here I felt that with this outfit, the two leather gloves would have made me look a bit too tough. Also I kept the outfit out of any jewelry so that the leather glove would be the only key accessory (I wore a Rick Owens clothing bag as my bag to keep it all minimal). I tend to describe the creative process of building my outfits as “constructing” which might sound a bit forced but it’s all in the appealing sense of the word, I promise. 😉

      But thank you for the compliments and I’m happy to hear that you agree with my philosophy. But then again, it was quite self-evident that you would, my friend. 😉

  4. Had to come back and have a second look… In my mind is this same outfit but constructed of white leather and tangerine mesh.

    1. That sounds like a good idea! White is one of the things I would like to get more in my wardrobe for spring. Tangerine mesh.. that would definitely make things a bit more interesting. 😉

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