My bloody valentine

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day! I spent mine in rather unusual and dark surroundings of the art museum by visiting the H. R. Giger expo with my boyfriend. Giger’s artwork is absolutely spectacular: The whole idea of man meeting the machine, living organisms coming one with technology is so intriguing. When it comes to my outfits and style, I’m often inspired by music, movies or certain athmosphere, and can already tell that this expo most certainly has left it’s futuristic marks on me.

My Sunday outfit was quite relaxed with a touch of dark romanticism to better suit the mood of the most romantic day of the year. The loosely knitted cardigan is another great find I made from Stockholm, and it’s actually from the men’s line this time. I love how it’s so slouchy that even though I stuffed myself to the max at an Indian buffet later in the night, my dinner company or no one in the near tables could really tell. Girls got to have her secret weapons, right?

Shirt with figerloops: COS
Leather shorts: Second hand
Cardigan: MTWTFSS
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Rings (from top to bottom): Superior Wedding Rings, Weekday and Kultaropo

To get back to the amazing artwork of H.R. Giger, here is the magnificent Debbie Harry wearing and surrounded by Giger’s creations. Truly inspiring!


36 thoughts on “My bloody valentine

    1. Thanks!:) I know, it’s really hard to score well-fitting leather shorts when it comes second hand! I’ve tried on some horrible looking ones in the past and was so lucky to find a pair that actually fits nicely. I think they were only like 4 Euros at the local Salvation Army, such a score!:)

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      Hahaha, stretch is a good option for those long dinners. ;D Our buffet was probably a 10 course meal and I still went back for seconds hahaha!:D Gotta love that tikka masala and naan bread…

  1. Hei,
    Voisitko auttaa pikaisesti. Sinulla kun on Ann Deumeulemeesterin kenkiä, ovatko kengät samaa kokoa kuin mikä kengännumerosi yleensäkin on vai kenties kokoa pienempää? Nettitilaus olisi mielessä..

    1. Hei, sorry vastauksen kesto, eli juu niistä kannattaa ottaa puoli kokoa tai jopa yhtä kokoa pienempi koko kuin normaalisti. Oma jalkani on kokoa 37, mutta Ann D:n nilkkurini kokoa 36.5 ja saappaat kokoa 36 eli reiluja ovat. Toivottavasti tästä vastauksesta oli hyötyä!:) Minkälaiset popot olet ajatellut tilata? 😉

  2. that exhibition sounds really interesting: at the risk of sounding equally geeky as you claim to, how could it NOT be fascinating to consider humans and machines simultaneously in our day and age?! it’s the stuff that sci-fi films are made of, and a fascinating thought.

    lovely slouchy cardigan, i used to have one similar but left it in Norway by mistake and life hasn’t quite been as comfortable since!

    1. It was a really interesting expo and I agree with you, it’s a facinating thought to think that humans and machines might be one someday. Even though it’s a bit geeky, I’m still a sucker for good sci-fi movies…

      Thanks! It sucks that you lost your cardi, that has happened to me too as I left a designer shirt on the cruise boat to Sweden. I still mourn for that shirt to this day.

  3. No nämä ajattelin tilata, mutta koko 36 ehti jo loppua… aaargh!|CallType=Product&prodId=02U4&des=075&cat=&gender=women&group=&vendorColor=MDYw&season=actual&seasProdID=51I

    Normaali kokoni olisi siis 37, mutta näissä se olisi ollut varmaan juurikin tuo 36. Voi tätä menettämisen tuskaa! No.. ehkä ei ollut tarkoitettua, että laittaisin saappaisiin melkein 800 euroa 🙂 Kiitos kuitenkin avusta! Ja jos törmäät kyseisiin saappaisiin jossain, niin otan mielelläni vinkin vastaan (sähköpostiosoitehan löytyy ohessa) 🙂

    1. Voi ei! Ilmeisesti nuo kaikki myytiin jo loppuun, koska tuon antamasi linkin takaa en löydä enää mitään kenkiä.. 😦 Voin vaikka meilailla sulle, niin katsotaan jos vaikka löytäisin netin syövereistä kyseiset saappaat. 😉

  4. Great outfit – sexy, sleek and looks so comfy! You are definitely the queen of black!

    Must have been a great exhibition, I love the whole futuristic sci-fi concept, it can be very inspiring from the fashion point of view.

    1. Thanks! It is comfy indeed and I gotta love black… 😉

      It really was one of the greatest art expos I been to, I highly recommend it to everyone! And you’re right, even from the fashion point of view it was truly inspiring. 🙂

  5. Ihana mustaa mustalla-asu! Nuo erilaiset tesktuurit toimii yhdessä tosi hyvin.

    Ihmis-kone-jutut on tosiaan aika hurjia ja mielenkiintoisia.. hahhaa, brittiystäväni opiskelee tekoälyä ja robotiikkaa, tiedän kyllä nämä jutut siis 😉

    Lisäsin muuten (vihdoin) blogisi blogrolliini (ja mikäköhän hitto sekin on suomeksi..) 🙂

    1. Kiitos kovasti!:)

      Juu näin ovat ja ihmeen inspiroivia nuo H.R. Gigerin luomukset, ihan muotimielessäkin siis. Tekee mieli verhoutua tatuoinnin kaltaisiin läpinäkyviin juttuihin sekä muoviin, joka on aika ysäriä itse asiassa (tulee heti mieleen esim. Michael & Janet Jacksonin Scream ja TLC:n No Scrubs musavideot – btw, vähänkö tarvitsen nyt lateksihousut, polvisuojat ja piikkipaidan! Aika Gareth Pughia itse asiassa…). 😉

      Hmm olisko se joku linkkilista or whatever? Hehehhehe. Mut kiitti, teen samoin!

  6. Anna-Maria you got great taste in fashion, what do you think about black combat boots for men? BTW love the cube ring and the sleeves with the kinda gloves.

    1. Thank you for the recognition!:) I love combat boots on men, I think they’re a timeless piece that every guy (and girl) should have in their closet! My favorite look would be tight jeans or pants tucked in slouchy combat boots, in the style of Robert Smith, if you know what I mean. 😉 I’m also beginning to like the whole cargo pants and combats look again (think Julius F/W 2010/11), very industrial and 90’s yes but it gives me a total nostalgia trip, so I gotta love it!

      1. You’re welcome. I actually found your blog by googling “combat boots”, I found a pic of you with a pair. Yes combat boots + rolled-up or short cargo pants, that’s totally the look I’m into right now. It turns a lot of heads on the streets if you know what I mean haha
        Have a nice WE

        1. Hehe cool! Yeah, it’s a rough look alright but so fresh after all these years. 🙂 I have a pair of some sort of tapered cargo pants somewhere from my teenage years, gotta bring those babies back!

          Enjoy your weekend as well!:)

  7. I came across your site searching for Ann D boots and am loving what I see. I also love that cube ring, any chance you can share where to buy it?

    1. That’s nice to hear and welcome to Fashion Flux!:)

      The cube ring is from Stockholm’s Weekday store ( Perhaps you could try to call them and ask for it, it cost only like 10 euros or so!:)

    1. Sain sen copy pastettamalla toimimaan. 🙂 Hmm.. en ole kyllä nähnyt noita muualla, mutta voin hieman kaivella tuntemattomampia putiikkeja ja foorumeita, jos vaikka tulisivat vastaan koossa 36. Ovat kyllä ihanat!

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