Soundtrack for tonight

Tonight is my friend’s birthday party but due to the fact that my sweet boyfriend went out last night and woke me up at 3AM, I didn’t get enough beauty sleep. Therefore an injection of groovy 80’s tunes is needed to uplift the spirit for the night. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to go dancing, hopefully somewhere else than just in my own livingroom…

P.S. Since music is one of my main inspiration sources when it comes to what I’m wearing, I’m trying to figure out how to make a playlist here on WordPress. I tried the usual tricks with no luck, so I turned to the Indiedays IT team and they promised to work on it.  Hopefully it will be possible to post playlists without using Youtube since a lot of the good stuff can’t be found from there.

Stay tuned, my friends…

17 thoughts on “Soundtrack for tonight

  1. Are you talking about using Spotify playlists?

    Make a new playlist in Spotify.
    Add tracks/albums.
    Choose it with right mousebutton.
    Choose copy http link (or spotify uri) and paste it in a posting.

    You can also make it collaborative to allow adding tracks by others.

    But please mind that spotify is available only in some countries and with different allowments.
    Something that is available for even free users in Finland might not be available at all in another country.

  2. KZX: I wish it was that simple!:) Spotify is a good option but not everyone has it, so I would need a player that all my readers can use on the go. I’m thinking about a playlist where I have downloaded the mp3s on my media library and they could be played here on a player (similar like in myspace for example). I tried all the WP tricks available but I guess Indiedays hasn’t allowed playlist option yet or something..

    1. I realize the problem, but almost everyone [in .fi] can get and use Spotify if they want to.
      It’s a short-term solution anyway, by next year there will again be something else with better options available.

      But about alternatives, have you checked out ?

      And about, not sure if is usable for something like this.

      Btw, that comment from John1346 is spam, probably generated by a script, you might want to delete it or at least the link it threw in. 🙂

      1. I would like to a have a player that is directly on my blog, a player that doesn’t take you away from the here.. I think Grooveshark takes you away from the blog, right? Otherwise it would be a good idea. 🙂 I think I need to check if there is something odd about Indiedays because you should be able to put a player on Word Press but for some reason, on my blog it doesn’t work. 😦 We’ll see what happens.. Thanks for the help though!:)

        I deleted John’s link heheh..

  3. hyvää settiä täällä taas, paitsi toi vika on turhanaikaista presettiblogihousea kolmen pennin lehmänkelloilla ja noloilla vokoderivokaaleilla. but that’s just my opinion 🙂

    1. Hahaha.. se vika oli lähinnä läppä, oodi viikonlopulle niin sanotusti. 😀 Olen kuullut siitä joskus hyvän remixin, mutta sitä ei valitettavasti löytynyt youtubesta..

      Mut kiitti, täytyykin postailla vähän useammin tätä musaa tänne! Harmi vaan, etten ole saanut vielä tuota WP playeriä pelittämään. Pitänee jälleen muistuttaa siitä meidän IT:tä..

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